disconnectedIt was a dark, dismal night and with a frown
I read the message ‘network is down’
I tried once more without success
Just what was wrong was anyone’s guess
‘Unscheduled maintenance’ said the blog
Or perhaps the Lindens were out, walking the dog
It didn’t matter to me what was wrong
I only knew that the night would drag on
I twiddled my fingers, I twiddled my thumbs
Then cleaned out my keyboard: full of biscuit crumbs
I surfed the net, but there was nothing to see
YouTube was boring and nowt on TV
I tidied my desk and opened some wine
Anything really to just pass the time
And still no connection; nothing at all
The virtual world was not playing ball
Resigned to an evening without logging on
I tried to recall what I once would have done
In those days in the past before Second Life
When I still had my money, my job and my wife
Before I succumbed to the virtual addiction
And my world was consumed by my SL affliction
Those days when my friends were the sort you could meet
People of flesh, with real hands and real feet
Now they’re just pixels – imaginary faces
Living imaginary lives, in imaginary places
And while I’m away in this world in the cloud
The real life I should have has become dissavowed
My clothes all need ironing and the bins need to be cleared
The fridge stands there empty and the toilet smells weird
There’s a million and one things I really must do
But I’ve not had the time, or an opportunity to
Instead I’ve been dancing and shopping and stuff
Playing with gestures; I can’t get enough
But tonight things are different and it seems I’ve no choice
There’s no Second Life, no chat and no voice
I’m really not sure I’m equipped for the task
Of returning to real life without a virtual mask
So I take a deep breath, and I try one more time
And by some miracle, find I can now get online!


s. x

I want to hide the truth
I want to shelter you
But with the beast inside
There’s nowhere we can hide
Imagine Dragons – Demons

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