best-sixes-201411071A short while back, WordPress sent me congratulations on completing six years blogging.

Has it really been that long? I was surprised – the time has passed very quickly and, the truth is, nobody is more shocked than me that I’m still pressing on with this writing lark.

Technically, this is blog number 3 – the first was consigned to the virtual oubliette in a fit of pique, (a fit of something like that, anyway – I forget the circumstances, but it seemed so terribly important at the time); and the second, well it just wasn’t working out – probably because neither of my lives, real or virtual, were working out either at the time. So, new avatar, new perspective, new blog, and six years later you’re still stuck with me.

At least, I assume you are still stuck with me – judging by the number of bot comments that regularly end up in my spam bin, for all I know my regulars are just a pile of HTML, but then again, I do know that at least some of you are real people – that’s reassuring! Some of you, incredibly, have been here right from the start (you deserve medals!) – that’s an awfully long time to put up with my witterings. In fact, in blogging terms, that’s a ridiculously long time: Apparently, most blogs peter out and quietly die in the first four months, those that do go on to greater things have an average life of around three years, which means that I’ve outstayed my welcome by a considerable margin!

And it’s not as if I’ve chosen to make things easy for myself – anyone who chooses to write on a single topic – ie. SL – practically constantly for that amount of time probably needs psychiatric help, if you ask me – and I’m constantly amazed that despite limiting myself to such a narrow field, it’s a rare occasion when I find myself with nothing at all to say – although whether it’s a case of quantity over quality is debatable, only you can decide.

It’s a strange thing, this blogging lark: Writing stuff, principally for my own enjoyment, with no real agenda, other than to get words onto the page, for a bunch of people, the vast majority of whom I have never met – and never will – and most of whom I’ve never interacted with in any other way. I sometimes wonder how I must appear to you – do you have a picture of me, sat at my keyboard, in your mind’s eye as you read my latest post? Would you recognise me if you were to spend an evening in my company? Have you ever wished you could pick up the phone and take me to task over something I’ve written?

I’ve always said, right from the start, that this blog is a personal thing. I don’t write about what my readers want to read, I write about what I want to write – maybe that’s a selfish thing to do, but I doubt it’ll change any time soon, and it’s always been the case that I’d blog even if there was nobody reading it – that still holds true: I’m not in this game for profit, personal gain, kudos, followers or fame… Thankfully, none of that seems to have come my way anyway! I just write because I feel the need. Knowing that others enjoy reading what I write is wonderful – a bizarre feeling, but nevertheless I’m grateful that you’ve decided to join me on the journey – thank you!

So, with six years behind me, what lies ahead.

No idea… Let’s just wait and see!


s. x

No one else, no one else
Can speak the words on your lips
Drench yourself in words unspoken
Live your life with arms wide open
Today is where your book begins
The rest is still unwritten
Boyce Avenue ft. Diamond White – Unwritten

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