It’s beginning to look just a little bit like Christmas

christmasThe beginning of December found me in my usual predicament – Christmas looming and me nowhere near prepared for it. I am not one of those organised people who start their Christmas shopping in the previous year’s January sales; those irritating folks who keep an organised list of people for whom they intend buying and tick them off, week by week, completing the whole lot sometime around August. Neither can I get my act together enough to order in the groceries and supplies in advance of the festivities – I have in the past been found charging around whatever late night shops I can find on Christmas Eve, in the vain hope that somewhere I might find a jar of cranberry sauce!

However, despite this year showing all the signs of turning out like every other, something odd has occurred. Quite bizarrely, within the space of two short weeks, I seem to have managed to sort everything out: Gifts… check; all wrapped… check; cards… check; food and drink… check! All done and dusted. I’ve even managed to go out and get myself a tree, and put up Christmas decorations. To grasp the enormity of this accomplishment, it’s worth bearing in mind that for many years the vast majority of my festive preparations have been squeezed into the day or so before Christmas – I’ve even been known to buy presents after the event, (they’re cheaper that way, anyway!).

I’m so well prepared that I’ve found myself at a bit of a loose end, and so the logical thing to do was to continue my new found festiveness into the virtual world. Now, this is nothing new, I generally turn on the snow and bung the odd Christmas tree up inworld – it would be weird not to, since pretty much every other parcel of land in SL tends to be swathed in seasonal decor – however I’ve never really gone overboard with such things, despite which, my rediscovered Christmas mojo has jumped at the opportunity and, along with the usual snowscapes and bit of glitter, I’ve gone a little bit mad. When I say a little bit mad, that translates as clearing a big chunk of land, firing up the snowfall, planting a virtual forest of colourful trees, and populating the whole lot with snowmen, penguins (never quite understood their connection with Christmas), a great big skating rink and even a Christmas express train that you can escape to for a convivial glass of mulled wine, away from the cold.

christmas20161_001I don’t think for one moment that this indicates any change to my normal state of chaotic disorganisation – you’ll probably find that I’ll neglect to tidy away the decorations until well into Springtime, such are my organisational skills: The only reason I had the land spare in the first place was that it was accommodating an unfinished project that I’d promised to complete back in May! (I will finish it – just needs a few tweeks – honest!) – but that’s the way I am… So much to do, and so little application to the task in hand to get it done. C’est la vie.

One thing that all this frenetic preparatory activity does mean is that for the next week I have nothing to do, apart from the everyday things like work and other such mundane stuff. All of which means I can actually put my feet up, relax and enjoy my downtime in the run up to, and during the Christmas period. That’s actually rather fab – I can even spend more time inworld doing Christmassy things; something that generally I find myself hard pressed to fit in. This year, I might even get time to have some fun in my own Christmas playground!

So, if you’ve wrapped the presents, stuffed the turkey, eaten your fill of mince pies and are looking for something else to complete your Christmas excesses, you’re more than welcome to pop round, chuck a few snowballs and get severe frostbite… You’re welcome!


You can find it all here.

s. x

They had it coming, so, why can’t you see
I couldn’t turn my check no longer
The sun is going down and Christmas is near
Just look the other way and I’ll disappear forever
The Killers – Don’t Shoot Me Santa


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