futureI don’t make New Year resolutions, I’ve never seen the point. What’s so special about the beginning of the year that it’s the only time that people feel empowered to make a change for the better in their lives?

I do understand that for many the passing of the old year marks a convenient and logical point to put the past behind them and refocus on the future – particularly if last year happened to be somewhat less than ideal – but the timing is nevertheless somewhat arbitrary: The calendar moving on a digit is no guarantee that life will improve or will be any better tomorrow than it was yesterday. There’s no difference between making a resolution on 31st December, or 18th July, or any other date – we just have to decide that is our particular way point.

Or am I perhaps missing the point? Maybe the attraction of New Year resolutions is that they give us an opportunity to reassert control over our lives, rather than be victims of circumstance? We cannot resolve to have life treat us any better, but we can decide to make changes that will be of benefit to ourselves and others. Doing so at the cusp of the changing year gives us a convenient point to both assess the past and plan the future, giving us useful starting post against which we can assess progress.

However, I still don’t intend going down that route. The past year has been a good one as far as I’m concerned – I have been happy, content, and circumstances have dealt me a pretty decent hand, for which I am both surprised and grateful… Although, in retrospect, none of those surprises has simply fallen into my lap – I’ve had to work for them, take risks and reorganise my life to accommodate them. If anything, life has become a lot more complicated in the past year, and many of you – if you knew the details – might well feel it is unsustainable and untenable… Personally, in many ways, I’m living the dream, and yes it’s complicated, but I happen to think it’s worthwhile.

None of that happened because I planned it that way last January, and I know from experience that plans do go awry and often get left by the wayside. Spontaneity has always been my thing, and I’ve yet to be convinced that any other approach is any more beneficial.

dreamshire_015I tend to follow the same ethos in SL too – I know that all too often I’ll plan my inworld activities, only to lose the plot completely as time passes. That’s usually not a problem, since changing plans rarely affects anyone other than myself – I would be a disaster at running an inworld business, but since I don’t, it doesn’t matter! Virtual time and tide, for me at least, flows slowly and not necessarily in a straightforward manner. I may set out to complete a project within a certain timescale with all good intentions, but within hours or possibly several weeks, I’ll suddenly head off on a tangent, plough my efforts into something entirely different and may not return to my original designs until much, much later and usually by a tortured and circuitous route.

Having said all that, I’ve started this year with all sorts of renewed energy and good intentions, probably all due to having had the opportunity to relax, take things easy and generally enjoy being away from the cut and thrust of normal everyday life for a few days – give me a week or two and things will no doubt revert to normal! I do have plans, although in the broadest of senses, in both real and virtual lives: In SL, there’s more I’d like to with with the SWR – Seren’s Wonderful Railway, to begin with. Then there’s Marmalade Skies – my ever-evolving and impermanent creative space which is currently home to my Christmas landscape – I’ve lots of ideas for that: A post-apocalyptic laser shoot-em-up experience; a smoky rooftop retreat; enchanted elven ruins; a giant aquarium… Oh yes, plenty of ideas, some of which will probably never dee the light of virtual day! And, of course, it’s high time I sorted out another exhibition at The Gallery – actually, that’s already in hand, but even so that’s no guarantee that you’ll see anything materialise immediately!

The thing about the future is that it is by no means certain – just look at the past if you want to see the evidence of that – and that is true of both the real and virtual world. We can’t know what will transpire over the next 12 months, we can only hope; and knowing that the future is uncertain, it seems to me that making plans cannot dictate what may or may not happen. So, I’m just going to see how things pan out – life’s more interesting that way, anyway!

s. x

I am unwritten,
Can’t read my mind
I’m undefined
I’m just beginning
The pen’s in my hand
Ending unplanned
Boyce Avenue ft. Diamond White – Unwritten

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