Rainbows (and why not?)

in-my-soul-i-am-still-that-small-child-who-did-not-care-about-anything-else-but-the-beautiful-quote-1Sometimes, you just need a rainbow in your life.

The trouble though, with rainbows, is they’re not the kind of thing you can conjure up on command.

They’re capricious, unpredictable and transitory things.

A quirky combination of science and romance, light, raindrops, angles and refraction.

And, when you need them most, you can never find one.

They lurk… Outside speeding train windows, or sneakily peaking from clouds when you’re otherwise engaged.

You catch a glimpse, then – rushing through the business at hand – you turn for a second glance…

Gone. Vanishing vapour in the vault of heaven, sought in vain.

Sometimes you just need a rainbow.

Not because you’re sad, lonely, lost or lamenting, but simply because that’s what you need.

Like candy floss, or toffee apples, warm hugs and unicorns.

But sweets are bad for you, hugs are never around when you need them, and unicorns…

Well, unicorns, I’m sorry to say, are in short supply right now.

So rainbows it is, but it won’t be today, or tomorrow, or any day that we would choose.

It’s a matter of waiting for the finger of God to daub his painterly fingers across the clouds.

But, waiting for rainbows sucks, and God has better things to fill his time. Or so it seems.

So, bereft and left to my own devices.

SL beckons.

And I shall paint a rainbow of my own.

Wherever, whenever, I want.

The laws of physics, convention and common sense can all take a hike.

Because my rainbow needs them not.

But I

Really do

Need a rainbow in my life.


s. x

I don’t keep my secrets there
I hide them everywhere
I could deny
but I’ll never realise
I’m just chasing rainbows
all the time
Shed Seven – Chasing Rainbows

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