Souled out

casino4There are some things that almost seem to be a rite of passage in SL – things that, at some time or other, most of us end up trying, with varying degrees of success… Setting up a business, pole dancing and partnering spring immediately to mind. Then there are those pursuits that, it seems a great many of us also inevitably try, again with variable outcomes – running, hosting or DJing a club.

That’s an idea I’ve toyed with on occasion, but always coming to the same conclusion – there’s no way I could ever see myself in that position. Firstly, I’ve never been drawn to it ; secondly, there are far too many people already very competently, (and otherwise), engaged in these pursuits throughout SL; and finally, I don’t have the time, energy or skills to do it.

Famous last words!

Those long-suffering readers who’ve followed my musings for a while will recall my seemingly never-ending project to reconstruct the Wigan Casino inworld. It’s possibly been one of the most overdue tasks I’ve ever attempted: Originally intended to keep me busy for just a few weeks, those weeks turned into months – almost a year’s worth, in fact – although I think the end result was worth the effort, despite the delays. However, like all such open-ended endeavours with no real purpose other than being a means in themselves, the question remains, once you’re finished: ‘What next?’

casino1_002Having completed the Casino, I didn’t really know what to do with it. I could just leave it in situ, but that would take up far too much space and prims, with little in the way of recompense. The other, somewhat sad alternative was to put it into storage, to languish forgotten and neglected in my inv, joining all those other builds and past projects that will probably never again see the light of day, unless the Lab ever decide to make land free to own, with unlimited prim allowance! I did toy with the idea of raffling it off, or giving it away to someone who’d appreciate it; but no matter what I considered, I couldn’t quite make my mind up.

There was one thing I definitely wanted however… Whatever the eventual fate of the Casino might be, I was determined that – for one night at least – it would become the virtual mecca for Northern Soul that its real world inspiration had been. I was going to throw a party!

I’ll admit that it was a long time coming, but on March 1st the doors opened, the lights blazed, and the dancefloor reverberated to the sound of classic Northern Soul and Motown – the Casino was back in business!

first night_004And what a night it was – great music, a fab DJ and the best bunch of people you could ever have at a party meant that it was a night to remember… And, I now realise, it simply can’t be the only night either – so many people have asked me to make it regular thing that is would be wrong not to. So, the Casino is here to stay! I’m considering having a Casino night once a month, some want it every fortnight but my schedule is such that I’m not sure I can really commit to that, plus I have friends with their own clubs and I don’t particularly want to gatecrash them, so for the time being I think I’ll go for quality over quantity and stick with my original monthly plan.

So, I’ve unintentionally become a club owner and manager, quite unexpectedly and only time will tell whether this is a good thing or one of those ill-advised forays into something I really should leave well alone – we shall see. If nothing else, it’s something new to tick off the SL Bucket List: Another rite of virtual passage that I can say I’ve tried. And surely, it is always better to have said that I tried, rather than to say I never gave it a go, after all, isn’t that what exploring one’s potential, whether in the real or virtual world, is all about?

first night_010If you’d like to make your own mind up about how I’m doing, or more to the point, you’ve at least a passing interest in Northern Soul, Wigan Casino, or just enjoying good company and good music in a fun environment, then why not join the group and be amongst the first to know when the next night of music and dance hits the press? (Hint: It’s April 5th!) 🙂

s. x.

Out on the floor each night I’m really movin’
The band is wailin’ right I feel like groovin’
The chicks are out of sight I’m approvin’ yeah
The crowd is in tonight begging for more
But I get my kicks out on the floor
Dobie Gray – Out On The Floor

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