Temporary failure

Ever had a brilliant idea that turned out not to be quite so brilliant after all, and all because of a single weak link in the connection… Yourself!

For years, I periodically found myself facing the inescapable prospect of wasting innumerable boring hours unpacking, examining, sorting and storing the accumulated mountain of unopened boxes and detritus of a million hunts, events and shopping trips that I’d never quite got around to neatly filling away in my inventory at the time of acquisition. I’m sure it’s a familiar story to many of you, and we all have our strategies for dealing with such things. Some simply don’t care and, as a result, possess inventories that resemble jumble sales from hell; others will have weekly clearouts where all their latest bits and pieces are collated, catalogued and carefully filled away; still others are insanely well organised and put stuff away, immediately it lands in their inv, complete with descriptive folder and identifying photo. None of which describes my own approach.

When it all got a bit too much for me, and I decided I couldn’t face another time-consuming, life-sapping session of sorting out, I came up with my own Seren Solution™ – I set up a new ‘temporary’ folder and resolved that anything that found its way into my inv would either be worn or rezzed immediately, and thereafter put away in an appropriate place when I’d finished with it, or would be dumped into my new temporary accommodation until needed – when that happy day came, it would also be consigned to its final resting place after use.

All good so far, but I know what I’m like, so I came up with one further condition that would make it far more difficult to ‘forget’ or ignore my new, disciplined approach to inventory management. I resolved that, from that point onwards, I was not allowed to wear any existing item or clothing from elsewhere else in my inventory, (apart from special occasions and costumes), without first clearing out my temp folder. Genius!


Don’t ask me how, but somehow I’ve managed to accumulate so much in my temporary folder, that for the past few weeks, or that could even be months, I simply haven’t needed to visit my existing inventory for clothing. Worse still, I still have a whole load of unopened boxes just waiting to be opened. Rather than simplify the process of sorting my inventory, I somehow seem to have made the task even more complex and – oh the horror – this week I came to the terrifying conclusion that at some point soon I’m really going to have to dedicate a good long time to unpacking, trying out, sorting and saving the vast accumulation of items that are now residing in my temporary folder of hell! I haven’t fixed the problem at all, I’ve just moved it somewhere else!

Although that’s not really the problem at all… It’s not that I have too much stuff, too little time or that my life is hopelessly disorganised – the real root cause of all my grief is: Me!

Yep, I’m a compulsive, inveterate collector of pretty much anything and everything. I do have certain standards and, I would hope, a degree of taste, but that hasn’t stopped me from accumulating a vast amount of things at a rate that simply exceeds my ability to deal with them. Here’s a little visual to demonstrate the problem:

Here you see the accumulation of virtual stuff over time. I only have a finite capacity for sorting out new stuff as it arrives into my inventory, and that’s something that stays fairly constant – the ‘Capability Event Horizon’. However, you can clearly see that once the accumulation of stuff exceeds the CEH, I’m fighting a losing battle, and the only way to stop it, is to stop accumulating stuff… Which, of course, is not going to happen.

Why, you might ask, is that not an option? Surely it would be better all round if I simply elect to lay off collecting new things, just long enough to get back below the red line, and then try and stay below by not overdoing things in future.

Well, of course, I could, but where’s the fun in that?

s. x

It’s not a picture perfect life
Not what I had in mind
Let me write my own line
I’ve got this place
That I’ve filled with empty space
Oh I’m trying not to face what I’ve done
My hopeless opus
Imagine Dragons – Hopeless Opus

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