Animal magic

It’s all change at The Gallery. My Welsh Odyssey exhibit has moved out and my new exhibition has taken up residence.

‘Africa’ is a project that has been a long time in the making. Around fourteen years ago I had the privilege of going to East Africa on safari – an ambition I’d held all my life, and very much a dream come true. When I returned home, I’d left a part of myself in the savannah and I made a promise that, somehow, I’d return one day, knowing that it was a promise to myself I could probably never keep.

Then, earlier this year, an unexpected opportunity came up out the blue, and I found myself heading back to Africa, and my camera was going with me!

Wildlife photography is challenging: There’s a reason that professional field photographers tend towards bushy beards and spend months away from home, camped out in hides and surviving on re-hydrated corned beef hash, just to capture that one elusive shot. It’s an approach that, although I’d be more than happy to replicate, in practical terms, it’s just not possible on a two week trip.

But, I can try, and my new exhibit represents a very small sample of the outcomes of that journey. I hope I’ve done it justice!

s. x

Rona ma Africa, ratang ka kopano.
Batho ba Africa, ngothando sizonqoba,
ma Africa.
Eya, batheo beso!
Hans Zimmer – The Journey/Kopano, Part III

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