A series of unfortunate events

Sometimes it just feels as if life has got it in for you. Not necessarily in a big way, but in a niggle, annoying, irritating way that just winds you up and gives you hassle.

How we deal with runs of bad luck depends to a great extent, of course, on what exactly life has thrown at us, and also on our attitude to life’s little challenges.

In the last three days, I’ve had just such an annoying experience: Walking to work, my knee suddenly decided to have the equivalent of an out of body experience and is still feeling decidedly and worryingly dodgy. The same evening, whilst tucking into a lasagne supper, a distinctly un-lasagne like crunch heralded the breaking-off of a sizeable piece of tooth! Not a particularly good day.

The next day wasn’t a lot better… When a senior manager at work – someone who really should know a lot better – decided to offer some unmerited and wholly spurious criticism about a piece of work I’d done, behind my back, and totally without foundation. That upset me and pretty much ruined my day and stopped me sleeping that night. At least things could only improve, right?

I wish! Next morning, I managed to break a pair of glasses, and then the car blew up! OK, maybe that last one is a bit of an exaggeration – what actually happened was a massive plume of smoke belched from under the bonnet, and when I dared to look, I found the entire engine bay bathed in a film or nasty, hot, smelly gunk.

All in all, it’s not been a particularly good few days – alright, nobody died, there were no visits to casualty, and – in the wider scale of things – my woes pretty much pail into insignificance, but even so, it’s been a bit crap.

However, as irritating as it has been, I’m a firm believer in Newton’s Third Law – ‘Every action has an equal and opposite reaction’, which is of course completely irrelevant in this context, but it brings me some comfort. You see, even if I have a bad knee, I’ve still one good one in reserve; I’ve plenty of spare teeth and dental cover, so a broken molar isn’t the end of the world; as for the car, well its a bit of a bummer and it’s going to cost me, but it’s the MOT in a fortnight anyway, and I’ve had 3 years failure-free, so it’s probably about time something needed fixing; specs – ten minutes with a jeweller’s screwdriver and I’ll have them fixed, so no biggy. 🙂 As for the criticism at work, I fired off a crisply-worded email to my boss, who had backed me up completely and assured me I have absolutely nothing to be concerned about.

Maybe I’m just a bit more laid back than some, or perhaps life has taught me that there are some things it’s just not worth getting wound up about – and believe me, there was a time when such things would have caused me a major meltdown, but time and circumstance have mellowed me, and these days I tend to shrug off misfortune more often than succumb to it. Which is more than I can say for many people I see frequenting SL.

Some people – and you may certainly correct me if I’m wrong – take our virtual escape from the real world far too seriously. You come across those profiles where you’re warned off by dire threats to invoke TOS or be thoroughly beaten to within an inch of your virtual life – and for what heinous crime? Quoting them! Yep: Quote me and I’ll break every bone in your body and have you banned from SL. However, that’s nothing compared to dissing their SL family, in which case, you’ll be hunted down by their daddies, mommies, sistas and widdle childrens and be taken apart pixel by pixel. Don’t you dare add them as friends, IM or TP them without first negotiating a legally notarised contract, because these are some of the worst things you can possibly do to a fellow resident, apparently.

Then you have those poor, long-suffering souls for whom SL has gone sour and who bear the afflictions of a thousand inworld tribulations: Those who feel slighted when a content creator refuses to create them a custom outfit in pale marmalade-orange for the same cost as the one in faded marmalade-orange, (because the customer is always right – yes?); the gacha-addict who is traumatised because when they spend a zillion lindens and still don’t get that ‘rare’ they’ve set their heart on, (hint – it’s marked ‘rare’); the slighted 50-year old woman who pretends she’s 21, single and has the looks of a goddess, infuriated because the hot adonis she’s been having pixel sex with turns out in RL to be a bull-dyke, and has six alts that have been having pixel sex with anything with a pixel pulse, (and occasionally, hooves); the entitled prima donna having a breakdown because her new mesh body has glitchy alphas… Yep, virtual people experiencing disasters and calamity of an order never before experienced in the history of history itself.

Grow up.

Chill out.

Be happy!

(Oh, and don’t forget Haven’s Modified 3rd Law: ‘Be a twat, and one day you’ll be twatted right back!’)

s. x

I’m bulletproof nothing to lose
Fire away, fire away
Ricochet, you take your aim
Fire away, fire away
Sia – Titanium

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