Onesies and wellies

I am not a fashion blogger – that’s something I’ve made abundantly clear many times in the past. That does not mean that I have no interest in fashion – real or virtual – and no opinions on trends and styles.

In RL there are some things clothing-wise that, even if they don’t spur me into impassioned debate, do at the very least, cause me to raise a questioning eyebrow, Mr Spock style, and wonder what on earth some people are thinking. Like the woman I passed on my way to work this morning.

Picture the image, if you will: It’s early-ish, around 6.15, very cold and frosty, and this woman is out walking her dog, wearing a Care Bears print onesie and flowery wellies! In practical terms, bearing in mind that I was fully dressed, with hat, gloves, scarf and winter coat – and I still felt chilly – I can’t imagine it was any protection at all against the elements; whilst, as a fashion statement, the only thing that it was saying to me was something along the lines of “!”

Now, I’m all for people wearing whatever they wish; I’m not the fashion police and I’m ardently in favour of freedom of expression, but along with that I do think that some clothing is inappropriate in some situations. You wouldn’t wear an old t-shirt and jeans to a formal wedding, for example, that’s just disrespectful and thoughtless, and I happen to think that some items of clothing really shouldn’t be aired in public, simply by virtue of their nature or functionality. I’m not the only one who feels this way – there’s a growing trend apparently, more and more frequently reported in the press, of people heading off to the supermarket in their PJs. I can see why some might be disturbed by this – personally, I don’t want to be sharing a checkout with somebody still in their night attire. It raises all sorts of questions for me: Have they showered?; Is there any underwear lurking beneath that flannelette?; How many day’s/night’s wear have they had since the last wash?; What nameless bodily fluids have they marinaded in overnight? – These are not the sort of questions I want to be contending with over my broccoli florets, or in the bread aisle!

Quite apart from that, it raises questions for me about the person themselves. If they haven’t made any effort to get dressed to go out in public, then what does that say about their own self-respect and their respect for the sensibilities of those around them? Maybe I’m being judgmental, but that’s honestly what goes through my mind.

That’s RL, but what about in the virtual world – are things any different?

Weirdly – you may think – my feelings inworld are not so different to RL. Even after all these years, I still find it odd that so many around me in SL seem to have little difficulty in dressing themselves in a manner that does not really befit the occasion. I’ll grant you that pyjamas and onesies aren’t quite so prevalent inworld, but I don’t think I’ll ever get used to people wandering around in their undies whilst shopping, bopping or simply stopping for a chat. Neither do I feel entirely comfortable when people will happily disrobe at the drop of a hat at a public gathering; it just doesn’t feel right to me.

I do possess some virtual jimjams, but I’ve only ever worn them in private. Similarly my underwear stays strictly underneath my outer wear. Indeed, you call call me odd (I’ve been called worse), but I tend to feel a bit icky if I don’t change my virtual undies as often as the real thing. It’s obviously nothing to do with personal hygiene, but again, I think it’s a matter of personal self-respect – it just wouldn’t feel right if I didn’t.

Maybe I’m a bit of a prude, or perhaps my personal values just don’t mesh with everybody else’s, or maybe I’m just a bit weird… Whatever the reason, I don’t think I’ll ever change, and to be honest, I’m not about to ask anyone else to change either – whether their mindset, or indeed their clothes.

There’s plenty of space in SL for everyone to do their own thing, and besides… What do I know about fashion anyway?

s. x

And how the hell did you get in here
Semi-naked in somebody else’s room?
I’d give my whole life to see it
Just you
Stood there
Only in your underwear
Pulp – Underwear

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