Rage quit!

We’ve all done it – I certainly have – it’s that moment inworld when everything gets a bit too much for us and, in a complete fit of pique and frustration, we head for the hills, leaving an us shaped vacuum that makes a point far more incisively than mere words ever could. It’s a classic ragequit!

It can occur for many reasons: Tough day at the office and then someone inworld just happens to say the wrong thing… We find ourselves in the midst of an argument that we just can’t win… An idiot griefer succeeds in driving us to our wit’s end… Or SL is up to its usual frustrating tricks, it’s the 63rd time we’ve crashed, nothing is rezzing, and the chat lag is so bad we’re only just getting last year’s Christmas greetings! That’s when ragequitting rears it’s ugly head – the ultimate way to make an unequivocal point, drive home a message, or vent our absolute frustration. Often it’s done with such ferocity that we’ll forego the niceties of logging off, and preferring the far more satisfying route of [CTRL] +[Q], or better still, we’ll just hit that big red X in the corner of the screen.

Whilst we’d like to think that a well-timed ragequit is a perfect means of communicating our utter disgust with the ongoing situation, the effect can sometimes be somewhat less impressive to those observing inworld. A ragequit will typically be followed by puzzlement: ‘Did they crash?’, ‘Are they coming back?’, and then as it becomes ever more obvious that whoever has summarily vanished clearly isn’t planning on returning any time soon, the atmosphere becomes one of initial concern, soon overtaken by hilarity.

We may all have virtually stormed off at some time during our time inworld, but some are much better at it than others, with a few consummate professionals at the art. These are the avatars that time their exit to perfection, waiting to the absolute point of no return before disappearing in a digital huff; then there are the slow burners – those who have turned ragequitting into a way of SLife – who, over an extended period of time allow their dissatisfaction with the status quo to build and simmer, then at the perfect moment, they’ll make some sort of an announcement that they are going for a while – usually without providing any particular reason – and off they go. Sure enough, you won’t see them for weeks – sometimes months – then suddenly they’re back on the scene again, as if they’d never been absent. I’ve known people to ragequit and not come back for years, and then when they do, there’s no mention of them ever having been away, but you know they won’t be staying for long!

You have to question the logic of ragequitting. Yes, there will inevitably be occasions when frustration boils over, and anger takes its place – when that happens, perhaps it’s a good thing that we can get away to calm down, away from whatever has prompted our ire, but often little is achieved that could not be resolved with some straight-talking, supportive company and maybe just a little fun and jollity? All of which can be found in ample measure by staying inworld. Often, people take SL far too seriously and need to regain a true sense of proper perspective in order to resolve their problems – whilst ragequitting can certainly be one way of doing this, it may not necessarily always be the best method. Just as in the real world, talking through things, sharing the burden, looking at the available options or simply deciding to carry on regardless can be powerful ways of putting things to rights, and are usually far less stressful than throwing our toys out of the pram and storming off.

So what if we can’t get that virtual dress in just the colour that we want; is it really the end of the world if our body bits poke through, no matter how carefully we adjust our alphas; is it really a massive disaster if the mu.ic k.eps d.op..ng out an. we ca.’t hear w..t ev..yon. is list…ng to?; and is it such a big deal that chat lag is interfering with our ability to spew tpyos? Of course not, yet it’s just these sort of things that can drive us to the edge of virtual heart failure sometimes, and it’s really not worth it.

So, by all means have a paddy and ragequit if you must, but bear in mind that this is SL, and part of the fun is getting on with the fun whilst the virtual world falls down around you!

s. x

You could be taking it easy on yourself
You should be making it easy on yourself,
’cause you and I know,
It’s all over the front page, you give me road rage
Catatonia – Road Rage

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