Not as young as I used to be

Gosh, I’m tired! It’s been a demanding week, with work being rather challenging, and a somewhat busier social life than I’m used to. Monday night I ended up unexpectedly away from home – it was rather riotous, with a ridiculously late night for a school day followed by a far too early start; Tuesday was a meal out; the same, Wednesday; and another night out Friday. Fun, though it has been, it’s worn me out, and I’m coming to the realisation that although, in my mind, I still very much a spring chicken, my body is telling me that, in many ways, I’m definitely past my prime!I I’m not sure if it’s just me prematurely aging or something? Other people I know of my own age seem to be going to the gym, partying regularly and appear to be as sprightly as they were in their youth, or at the very least, they’re not feeling the need to nod off in the middle of meetings. It’s not fair!

That’s one of the advantages of SL – no matter what you’re age or ability, there’s very little to stop you from partying day after day with absolutely no ill effects. You can be hang gliding one moment, dancing through the night, the next, and getting straight on with everyday life almost immediately. Then again, even when you’re living vicariously, it can take its toll. Anyone who’s ever stayed up past their bedtime a little too often as a result of inworld merry making will know that that loss of sleep as a result of virtual overindulgence does eventually take its toll, and over-exposure to virtual living can result in less than optimal performance in the real world.

Unfortunately, our real world conditions can also impinge upon our virtual activities, and that’s exactly what I’m experiencing at the present… All those late nights, busy days, and the demands I make on my body in real life are beginning to take their toll. Lately, when I log in, I just haven’t my usual vigour and vitality, and this is reflected inworld. Somehow my RL lethargy is reflected in my SL demeanor: I’ve less virtual energy and enthusiasm, my enthusiasm for exploring, building, shopping, having fun and all the usual things you’ll find me getting up to inworld at any other time, is definitely less than normal, and I’m logging in later, leaving earlier and doing a lot less when I’m there.

There is, of course, an underlying message that my body is trying to teach me, but there’s no way I’m going to take any notice of that, because there are some things that you never really want to admit to yourself – I may be getting older, but I have no intentions whatsoever of slowing down, no matter what all the signs might be trying to tell me! I fully intend to rage, rage against the dying of the light, and keep on living as if there’s no tomorrow.

Although perhaps I should, occasionally? No matter how willing the mind, the flesh just cannot keep up the pace, so perhaps I should consider taking the occasional early night to do that other thing that I’m really neglecting a little too much. What’s it called now? Ah yes, ‘sleep’, that’s the word I’m looking for!

s. x

Tonight, we are young
So let’s set the world on fire
We can burn brighter than the sun
Pentatonix – We Are Young

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