Reality Song

I ain’t got no body to dance with
My clothes have failed to rez
My hair is missing somewhere
I wish I’d stayed in bed

This the the reality
Of virtual reality
It’s not the world
That it promised to be
It often sucks
And leaves you stranded
Just take my word
And listen to me

Oh yeah, we got flying cars
We got music playing everywhere
But we also got lag and drama
Crap so bad it makes you swear

This is the reality
Of virtual reality
It’s kinda fun
But it can be hell
You never know
What it’s gonna throw at you
And sometimes y’know
That’s just as well

You type in words that come out nonsense
And all the babes are really guys
But all the girls are really lesbians
You really can’t believe your eyes

This is the reality
Of virtual reality
Nothing is ever
What it seems to be
You’ve gotta be
Pretty open minded
And if you’re not
You soon will be

They said that you could make a fortune
Well I’ve tried and it’s a lie
You’ll just spend all your linden money
And be dead poor when you virtually die

This is the reality
Of virtual reality
You’ll never be rich
‘Cause SLife’s a bitch
If you wanna make money
I’m telling you honey
There’s gotta be a better way
To make things pay

You’ll be bitten by vampires
And traumatised by tots
And all the junk food that you’re eating
Is gonna give you the trots

This is the reality
Of virtual reality
You’ll sit and stagnate
From morning till late
The hours pass away
And night turns into day
And real life drifts away
As the virtual holds sway

You’ve sold your soul to Linden Lab
And you thought that it would be oh so fab
But now you’re not so sure
Things are better than before

This is the reality
Of virtual reality
You believed all the hype
But it turned out to be tripe
The brave new world you sought
Isn’t quite what you thought
But maybe if you stay
It might just turn out OK?

s. x

You may have love
You may have hate
You may be the President Of The United States
But even you, you can’t sit and hide
While the world’s resources die
This is absolute reality reality reality
The Alarm – Absolute Reality

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