Memory Foam

I occasionally have odd thoughts. OK – I’ll admit to regularly having odd thoughts, several times a day, but I don’t think it does any harm.

One of my recent, odder that usual, thoughts occurred whilst browsing the shelves of my local discount store upon coming upon ‘memory foam insoles’ for shoes. I’m not generally a fan of memory foam – I’ve experienced the joys of sleeping in a ‘space age’ memory foam bed, waking up the following morning to find myself embedded in the mattress, unable to move, and with various body extremities completely devoid of sensation – not my idea of a restful night’s sleep. My own experience aside, memory foam seems to be enjoying a degree of popularity, and appears to be the universal panacea for all the worlds’ ills at present, (perhaps we can send Kim Jong Un a memory foam mattress, and North Korea will wake up tomorrow all smiles and friendliness?)

And then the odd thought pushed its way into my consciousness: Surely, in a multiverse of opposites, there must be the antithesis of memory foam… Forgetful foam! Stands to reason.

I can’t actually think of a useful purpose for such a thing right now – who would want a bed, pillow or insole that purposely failed to mould to your body shape? Perhaps a masochistic insomniac hiker? However the whole concept that everything and anything might somewhere in the vastness of existence have it’s diametric opposite is one which intrigues me. Imagine a world in which anti-spiders existed: Cute, cuddly, eight-legged beasties that we enjoyed watching scuttle across the floor? What about anti-toothpaste – a product that would cause cavities and gum disease, without all the hassle of munching handfuls of sugary treets? I’m fascinated too by the idea that somewhere out there must be the opposite of antipasti; I’d love to try it, accompanied by a glass of anti-spumante!

If we’re going to travel that route, then we also need to consider the other ramifications of the existence of infinite multiple multiverses. Using that premise there will, for example, be a universe in which you are writing this blog, and I am reading it! An inworld friend mocked me recently with the idea that there’s also bound to be a universe in which I’m partnered to my nemesis – not an enjoyable thought – although I neatly countered his taunt by reminding him there would also be a universe in which he was married to my nemesis, and went on to paint a vivid, if disturbing picture, of what that would be like!

In some ways, you could say that SL is representative of an infinite multiplicity of alternative universes. The Grid is essentially one contiguous whole – the multiverse – whilst a potentially infinite variation of that basic model is expressed by region, sim and parcel – individual universes – whilst every one of these uses the same building blocks, theoretical model and physics, not one of them is the same. Even when these are replicated, the finer detail will change according to the whims and needs of the individual who interacts with that particular universe.

Similarly, every time we log in to SL, we are in practical terms setting of a whole new chain of events which will always differ slightly from every other individual’s experience, and from all those we have experienced previously. Now, throw real life into the mix, and you have real potential for completely opposing circumstances to be experienced in two different worlds, by the same person at the same time. In one life, I may be a married mother with an everyday job and everyday responsibilities; At the same moment in my other alternative existence, I may be a superhero, a different sex or species and with a life that is far removed from my other self. And both, for all practical purposes, are contiguous, real, and although opposites, there is no conflict in our mind or in effect – both are valid and present no paradox.

And somewhere, hidden away in one of those alternative virtual universes, someone will have found a use for forgetful foam!

s. x

Locked in his bedroom
He saw the world
A web of answers
And cumshot girls
Amanda Palmer – Strength Through Music


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