Winter is coming

It’s rained a bit over the past few days, it’s definitely getting darker earlier in the evening, and I’m finding that my need to have a fan constantly blowing in my vicinity is becoming less of a necessity. The flowers in the garden are looking past their best, and the leaves on the trees are started to lose their summer green. I’ve been picking apples and plums and, just this weekend, I harvested a decent-sized bag full of oak leaves, which are currently stewing in their own juices, having started their journey towards becoming this year’s wine vintage.

I’m no real fan of the cold, wet and dark weather, but then again, I do enjoy living in a country that enjoys distinct seasons, and each of them has something that appeals to me, as well as an aspect that I find less endearing. Autumn is a time I associate – quite literally – with fruitfulness, and sensory pleasures of every variety, and even though the weather may be colder and less convivial than that of its summer predecessors (in theory, at least), it’s not entirely without its charms, and even when it’s not so good, it’s always an enjoyable experience to get out of it, warm up and dry off!

Rest assured, I shall be making effort to get out and about in the evening when the weather is conducive to outdoor activity, but those days aside, this is the beginning of those long SL nights – times when staying in at sitting in front of the computer doesn’t feel such a guilty pleasure and the darker evenings mean more time inworld.

These are the productive days – days when there’s plenty of time to plan, build, explore and write and we can start to look forward to the annual festivals that have become such an integral part of the inworld experience, along with the plethora of hunts, seasonal sims and activities that go along with them.

It’s time to pack away the Summer dresses, crop tops and strappy sandals, and dig out the cardigans and boots from where they’ve languished for months, forgotten in our inventories, waiting for their annual outing – there’s no need, of course, but SL does a fine job of reflecting how we are in the real world and some conventions, even when completely unnecessary are hard to break away from.

We’ll start to see SL subtly change, just as the world around us begins to wear its autumn colours. Our inworld activities will alter and an almost intangible, but gently relentless change will be set in motion. It’s an exciting, although sometimes poignant time in both worlds, but inworld, it’s a time I find fascinating, if only because it’s happens at all – or doesn’t have to, but – like the seasons themselves – SL moves to its own rhythms and patterns, and I think that adds to the world rather than detracts from it. Change happens in both worlds and whilst it may not always be welcome, it is refreshing and necessary…

And I welcome it.

s. x

So when you hear this autumn song
Clear your heads and get ready to run
So when you hear this autumn song
Remember the best times are yet to come
Manic Street Preachers – Autumn Song

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