Unexpectedly, for the last three days, I’ve been homeless!

Perhaps I should clarify that… I’ve been virtually homeless, since my home sim is apparently – for reasons unknown – unreachable. It’s one of those unfortunate states of affair that occasionally rears its ugly head, about which there’s little you can do. The philosophical amongst us just shrug and get in with things, whilst those of a less laid back disposition grow angry and ragequit in a huff.

The first I knew of my new state of vagrancy was logging in to the unexpected chaos of an arrival hub – always a fun experience – and a pile of increasingly apologetic IMs from the landlady, assuring tenants that the Lindens were on the case and the matter would soon be resolved (ever the optimist!). My repeated attempts to teleport home merely served to confirm the sad news and so, for the first time in some six years, I found myself without place inworld to call my own, for an extended period, and it felt very weird indeed.

I’m at an advanced stage of a build currently, which has been taking up a large chunk of my SL time, but it’s quite a complex thing, which I haven’t taken into my inventory as a whole, meaning that most of the construction has taken place in situ – and is, of course, currently unavailable. That was most annoying, but I’m ahead of myself and much of what is left to do is tweaking and snagging, so it’s not the end of the world. That aside, it’s surprising how much of a base for operations one’s inworld home is, and without it, so many things we tend to take for granted become a bit of a chore. It’s been a long, long time since I last had to find myself a quiet and secluded parcel of land, or sky, or water, merely to permit myself to change outfits without being disturbed – (yes, I’m one of that strange breed who’s never quite mastered the art of changing clothes in the middle of a crowded place without creating a memorable moment of indecent exposure). Then there’s all the other things that I get up to – so simple and straightforward when at home – that have regressed me, with little effort, to my second noobhood.

The simple things we take for granted – rezzing new purchases to unpack; trying out animations; or just finding a quiet place to relax for as long as I like, whilst I go off and do something else in RL, without being hassled, all become a bit more of a challenge and the truth is, even after all my years inworld, it’s still something that I’ve found takes time, effort and skill. Heaven knows how I got by as an SL youngster.

Oddly, there has been a positive side to being SL homeless, and again it’s very much a reversion to the way things were in the good old days before I had my own plot or any real base of operations. I like to think that I’m pretty good when it comes to exploring the Grid, but the truth is, of late, my sphere of travel has depended to a large extent on the time I’ve had available – and when a large amount of my time is tied up with creating, building, breaking and organising stuff, centered around my own home parcel, it’s surprising just how little I actually do manage to get out and about. So, for the past couple of days, with nothing else to occupy my time, I’ve been digging out all those old landmarks, heading off into the ether and rediscovering the virtual wanderlust that once filled most of the time I’d spend inworld.

And, it’s been fabulous!

Gotta say, home may well be where the heart is… but there’s a lot to be said for the hobo lifestyle too!

s. x

And we are homeless, homeless
Moonlight sleeping on a midnight lake
Ladysmith Black Mambazo – Homeless

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