Off Grid

It was Douglas Adams who coined the phrase, ‘the long, dark teatime of the soul’ – that interminable, soulless void that occurs around about late Sunday afternoon, when lunch is done and frustrated desperation sets in. It’s a feeling that I hate, and once it’s taken hold, no matter what you try in order to break free seems of little avail. It’s not just a feature of Sunday afternoons either – any time that prevailing conditions are conducive to an episode of TLDOTS it can strike without warning: That listless, agonising combination of lethargy, indecision, tedium and moroseness which sees us reading the same paragraph for the fifteenth time without absorbing it; flicking between channels on the TV from ad break to ad break, ad nauseum; sighing deeply every few minutes, and berating ourselves for being incapable of getting up and doing something, anything, just to escape the downward spiral we seem so hell bent on descending.

It sucks.

However, Sunday afternoon, or any time on any day, when TLDOTS strikes or whenever I simply need to do something worthwhile with my time, there’s always SL. It’s the universal panacea for boredom, filling spare moments or procrastination whilst pretending to yourself that you’re not. If it weren’t for SL, I don’t like to think what I’d do with my evenings… Probably spend my time perusing cat memes on t’internet, or – horror of horrors – joining a gym and trying to keep fit, or such like!

That, would definitely suck.

Thankfully, barring power cuts, natural disasters or ‘unscheduled maintenance’, it’s a rare occasion that I’m unable to combat the depressing monotony of the slowest time in the universe that fills the gaps between all the important stuff, which Einstein for some unexplained reason, failed to incorporate into any of his theories of relativity, (perhaps it was a Sunday afternoon, and he was just feeling too listless to bother?)

That, however, is going to change for me – and will probably have done so by the time this post hits the streets. I’m off on my travels… Not in the fun and enjoyable, away for a jaunt in the sun, nor is it the enticing call of the open road, the hearkening of the unexplored wilderness, or the allure of foreign cultures that I’m succumbing to. It’s far more prosaic than any of that, I’m afraid. It’s business, and with it the necessity to be away from home during the week, until – wait for it – the end of time! Alright, it’s not really the end of time, it just feels that way, and at the moment next March may as well be the end of time – I will certainly feel very, very much older and far more tired that I do now, when it finally comes around. Then, at the end of it? Well, it could be the long dark teatime of my career, since at the moment there are no plans, and that distant future in three months could well herald the end of my job, or a recycling into some nameless, boring, soul-destroying office role – which is pretty much the same thing.

That aside, (which I’m really not that bothered about at this moment in time, to be honest), there is a practical upshot to the situation which, in simple terms, means my ability to get inworld and do anything other that stand in a corner and try – usually unsuccessfully – to make some sort of conversation is going to be severely compromised.

Even if I owned a laptop that’s capable of running SL, I’m going to be reliant on what will almost certainly be utterly rubbish hotel WiFi, whilst away from home. If I’m fortunate and can manage to get inworld, it’s going to be on a tablet via Lumiya, which although it’s a great viewer, frustrates me endlessly – I am, at heart, a keyboard person who avidly follows local chat, always ready to throw my own contribution into the mix and I just can’t do that on a tablet interface – it just isn’t suited to such things. Then there’s all the other things that I fill my virtual time with: building, hosting events, exploring; all of which become considerably more challenging, if not impossible, when I’m not sat at home with all the technological wizardry that I’ve become accustomed to.

It’s going to suck, big time!

It’s not so much the long dark teatime of the soul, but the long, unhappy descent back to the dark ages of the soul, and I’m really not looking forward to it.

At least I’ll still be able to blog.

s. x

I look to the future it makes me cry
And I just hope that you can forgive us
But everything must go… Go… Go… Go…
Chemical Brothers – Everything Must Go



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