The long weekend from hell (except hell is supposed to be a damn sight warmer!)

I should warn you, before you go any further, that today’s post is a massive rant, and has nothing to do with SL. However I need catharsis, and writing about my woes provides something of an outlet for me: It may help me retain my sanity, but it may not – I shall take that chance. I won’t hold you to account if you quit now, and leave the rest unread, but if you do decide to persevere, I can only apologise in advance. You have been warned!

As a youngster, I used to love the snow. I have happy memories of far-too-infrequent winter’s days playing in the snow as a child. Back then, it seemed deeper, crisper and a lot less slushy that it seems to be these days, but those things have nothing to do with how I feel about the stuff today.

I think it’s fair to say that my love affair with the snow is well and truly a thing of the past.

I’ve had a few run-ins with the white stuff in adult life that have definitely soured my relationship with it. You see, the snow has a vendetta against me, and I really don’t know what it is that I’ve done to upset it.

The first incident occurred around 15 years ago. At the time, I’d headed down to London for a romantic weekend with my long distance partner at that time. That Saturday evening, as we enjoyed a meal in the local Chinese restaurant, the first tentative snowflakes made their appearance outside the window. The suggestion was made that perhaps I should head back home early, but given the choice between a night drive home and a rare cosy night sharing a warm bed, I elected to stay. Bad call: Over the course of the following morning, every motorway in the country was closed and what should have been a comfortable 2 hour drive, turned into a 15 hour nightmare of zero visibility, black ice, getting hopelessly lost, slithering across the carriageway out of control and all undertaken in a 20 year old Morris Mini threatening to overheat every time the traffic came to a standstill, which was very, very, frequently!

I still have nightmares about that drive.

My second snow fail, I’ve written about previously, so I won’t go over it again. You can read about some of it here.

And now, this weekend has topped it all…

Let me give you some context: Since August last year I’ve been working on a work project that has been incredibly demanding, intense and has worn me out, physically, mentally and emotionally. With the exception of a few days over Christmas, I’ve not had a break at all, and since the project started, I’ve been working away from home for all but 5 weeks. This week was the end of 15 weeks straight working away, and also marked the end of the project. It has been rather stressful! Added to that, there has been enormous uncertainty about what my job will be at the conclusion of the project, if indeed I have a job at all – that’s something that has become a little clearer only this week, but is still pretty much undecided and is, by no means, certain.

I needed a break! So, 3 weeks ago, I arranged to spend a long weekend away – same location that I’m working, but for my own enjoyment. The plan was for me to stay put and upgrade the accommodation and a friend would travel up to join me from back home – which would also double up as a birthday treat for them – we were both looking forward to it immensely, and then, this week – unexpectedly – it started to snow. Those of you in Britopia will know the full extent of that nonsense…

However, it’s not snowing here. This is what Caernarfon looked like in the midst of the ‘Red Snow Alert’:

And this is what it looked like back home:

Unfortunately, back home was also where my friend, my clothes, and my transport home were located, unable to escape and completely snowed in.

It was clear, after a couple of abortive attempts that they would not be joining me this weekend.

And that leaves me stranded without a change of clothing, no transport, no companionship and no plan for getting back home on Monday. To make matters even more interesting, the trains South have all been cancelled for days, and if I can’t get home that way, it’s going to be a hit and miss matter of trying to get to Birmingham, of all places, in the hope of getting a bus going my way. Of course, I’ve paid for the accommodation, and I won’t get a refund if I cancel, so I decided I may as well stay… In a location that has effectively completely closed down due to the weather elsewhere, with no means of getting about. It was not going to be the enjoyable weekend I had hoped for, not by any stretch of the imagination. Instead, it’s would be an expensive, stressful, tedious, waste of time…

Just what I needed to wind down after six months of solid work!

I am not a happy bunny.

And the snow and I are no longer friends, and probably never will be again.

s. x

Life is a mystery
Everyone must stand alone
I hear you call my name
And it feels like home
BL▲CK CEILING – She Is Not In Heaven

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