Spaced out

There are some ways in which my real world preferences are not mirrored in SL – one such anomaly is the way in which I perceive space. In the real world, I appreciate wide open spaces, uncluttered with the detritus of human occupation; a natural vista of endless plains, without any visible signs of habitation, interference or unnatural presence is something that will always appeal to me.

There are few things that irritate me more than seeing a pristine, natural, open space, completely ruined by the presence of an industrial estate dumped in the middle of it, a string of pylons running across the horizon, or a pile of rubbish left, without thought for environment or aesthetics. To me, a crisp packet in a flower meadow is a crime scene, as is a radio mast planted in an otherwise empty wilderness. It makes me wish I could photoshop such offending objects from the face of the earth, or better still, go into edit mode and permanently delete the damn things.

However, I feel differently about virtual space. Maybe it’s because I know it’s not real or natural, or perhaps it’s that ever-present awareness that wasted inworld space is wasted money; then again, it could simply be that I tend to get bored easily when no effort has been made to engage my attention whilst inworld; but the bottom line is that if I should happen to come across a wide open space in SL, it’s difficult to avoid every part of me feeling the need to see it stuffed to brimming with interesting bits and pieces. Inworld, the crime is not utilising every square inch and filling it.

That can cause the occasional personal dilemma.

I have a sizeable parcel of land which tends to lay fallow most of the time. Its primary purpose in SLife is to boost my available land allowance, permitting me to indulge my building whims, without having to dismantle any of the more permanent structures that occupy the rest of my land. It bugs me, because it’s an undeveloped, empty, blot on the landscape – a space, that if it belonged to anyone else, would drive me to distraction by its mere vacant aspect. Every time I look at it, every fibre of my virtual being cries out for me to do a spot of landscaping, building or anything at all to make it appear less of an eyesore, but that would defeat the whole object of having the land in the first place – the more I use my LI to fill the space, the less I have to play with elsewhere. Even if I was to go down the route of temporary structures, I’d still have the hassle of setting them up and pulling them back down again every time I wanted to build something.

Actually, that’s something I’d be happy to do, except for a couple of burning issues that would more than likely trip me up. Firstly, there’s my past performance in such things… The last temporary structure I built became so intrinsic to the form and function of the rest of my parcel, that it’s become a permanent feature, tying up the plot it sits on completely and thereby becoming the very reason I had to secure another plot, that is the subject of today’s post!

The second issue I’m continually faced with is that I rarely have any idea of what to settle on as a temporary space filler anyway. It can’t be anything I’ll fall in love with, or becomes an essential part of of the existing parcel, or I’ll be back where I started; I don’t want anything overly complex, expensive or time-consuming, but I also don’t want anything so generic and pointless that it detracts from the overall feel of the place.

The simple fact of the matter is that, most of the time, I really have no idea what I can do do with the space, and whilst I prevaricate and agonise, it’s simply going to remain an empty space.

And, I’m stuck with it!

s. x

What shall we use
To fill the empty spaces
Where we used to talk?
How shall I fill
The final places?
Pink Floyd – Empty Spaces

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