Much ado… With nothing about

A great deal has been happening in and around SL in recent weeks, although reading this blog  you wouldn’t know it!

On the technical side, the white-coated geeks at Linden Lab, (or  more accurately, the trendy, beardy-faced, jeans and t-shirt chaps and chapesses), have been industriously sprinting, scrumming, coding and drinking cappuccino to bring SL kicking and screaming – or rather its users kicking and screaming – into an approximation of modern technology. Bento is now settling in for the long haul, Animesh Has finally hit at least some parts of the Main Grid, EEP is on the horizon and a start has been made on moving some of the back end functionality to the cloud. If you’re one of the aforementioned white-coated, bearded, coffee drinking geekettes, these are exciting times!

Elsewhere, the 15th birthday celebrations have come and gone, along with all the usual events, parties, rare interviews with the Linden overlords and fun and games that usually accompanies the event. This has also, notably been the trigger for a host of offers and press releases that you’d imagine would be seen as good news by the inworld community, (no guarantees though, this is the inworld community, after all!). Reduced tier and setup fees for private land, introductory offers for anyone wanting to take the plunge into premium – an offer that surfaces almost as frequently as the DFS sale – you have to wonder why they don’t just permanently lower the cost; and hints of more interesting things to come.

And there’s been the usual helping of drama too, with DMCs and content theft allegations doing the rounds once more.

Such a lot of things happening, and yet, nothing – not a word of it reported on these pages. How peculiar.

Has our intrepid reporter been living under a stone. Have I been the subject of some mystery gagging order, perhaps? Lost interest, my grip on virtual reality, or my sanity? Nope none of those.

In all honesty  I’m not really sure what the story is, other than to say I’m feeling a little washed up on the shore of discontent, without even a nearby ice-cream stall of mental refreshment to give me solace.

Real life, as it occasionally does, has contrived to be awkward of late, with work and other commitments being less conducive to spending time inworld as well as providing fewer opportunities for writing about it. In real terms that’s translated to posts going from 3 or 4 a week to just the occasional one when I get the chance. It’s true that I recently had a couple of weeks off, but I spent the first week being ill, and the second being incredibly lazy – so almost nothing written at all. Then again, I’m not feeling particularly inspired anyway, despite everything that should have engaged my attention mentioned at the start of today’s post. Also, I’m finding it difficult to become enthused about SL right now, there’s been a shift in inworld dynamics within my established routines and circles that has been discomforting, and which I’ve yet to reconcile in my mind. That, in itself, has prompted some virtual soul searching, adjustment and reappraisal – a process that I’m still working my way through.

That does not make for a sunny, happy-go-lucky, Seren. Instead, I’ve become a bit rebellious, snarky and have tended towards an attitude of ‘don’t care’, and that’s where you find me right now. I’m trying hard to get a grip but you’re not really missing out: All the lowdown on any of the subjects I’ve mentioned above is freely available if you want to look for it, and I haven’t dropped off the face of the earth entirely, even if my output has reduced… You can’t escape me that easily!

I sure that at some point in the future I’ll manage to conquer my current virtual demons and revert back the to old, lovable, quirky, only slightly despotic and misanthropic, friendly and neighbourly Dippyplodocus, once things have resolved themselves. Then again, for all I know this maybe the new me for the foreseeable future. In which case we’re all in trouble.

Deep, deep trouble!

s. x

Well if you wanted honesty, that’s all you had to say
I never want to let you down or have you go, it’s better off this way
My Chemical Romance – I’m Not Okay (I Promise)

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