I’m not a particularly zombie-ish type of person. I’m the sort who thinks that once you’ve seen one zombie movie, you’ve pretty much seen them all, and apart from just a couple of better-than-average examples, there’s not many films in the genre that I’m overly-enamoured with. I haven’t watched a single episode of The Walking Dead, never been tempted to read any zombie books or comics and I’ve never played any zombie-related games.

Oddly though, I do  have a comprehensive zombie apocalypse survival plan – now in serious need of a revamp and bringing up to date – which I suppose would also suffice, with some adaptations, to cover the eventuallity of an alien invasion, terrorist takeover, nuclear holocaust or giant asteroid strike. There’s nothing wrong with having some sort of insurance policy in place, just in case, I reckon.

Planning aside, having said that I don’t have a fascination for all things zombiesque, you won’t be surprised to know that I haven’t exactly been known to embrace the many zombie-themed locations and activities that proliferate inworld. However, you’d be wrong: I don’t avoid them – in fact, you’re quite likely to find me frequenting such places routinely, mainly because they’re often terribly well-designed, atmospheric, and highly photogenic places that hold a strong appeal for the inner post-apocalyptic urban grunge fetish that resides inside me. Their only failing, as far as I’m concerned, is the constant annoyance of marauding zombies, generally getting in the way and being irritating in the extreme.

However, I’ve had an epiphany of sorts.

A recent trip to The Wastelands – an excuse to dress up in full post-apocalyptic garb, whilst packing some serious ballistic heat – failed to completely pique my need for some Mad Max style violence and bloodlust, so I decided to look up some of the other SL locations where nobody bats an eye if you happen to turn up looking like an escapee from Doomsday and in a mood to shoot anything that moves; I ended up at The Fringe – a zombie apocalypse role play sim that ticked all the boxes. To begin with, it had plenty of interesting and challenging roads where unusually, for a non-mainland location, I was able to rez my somewhat extreme combat vehicles and generally wreak mayhem throughout the town – good fun! There were buildings to explore, scenes to be captured and a wonderful atmosphere of decay and desolation around every corner. I loved it.

There were zombies too.

Lots of zombies.

Zombies groaning and moaning in the street; zombies lurking in the cornfield and the woods; zombies thronging outside buildings, waiting for me to emerge, and zombies rattling fences in their efforts to get to me. And then it happened … It was time to tackle those damn zombies and play them at their own game.

Out came the weapons, and into the fray I advanced… Zombies to the left of me, zombies to the right of me, into the valley of death advanced The Serenator, leaving a path of destruction, blood and gore in my wake. I was picking off zombies with pinpoint accuracy from the rooftops, slashing and cutting them down at close quarters, and lying in wait in the shadows with surprise ambushes. It was immensely enjoyable!

The next day, I went back and did it all over again.

And the next day too.

By now, I was really starting to get into zombie massacre mode, to the point that having received a sneaky, and potentially lethal bite, I was willing to sacrifice a leg, rather than succumb to infection myself! (It’s just a flesh wound really, I’m sure it’ll grow back).

Quite unexpectedly, and totally without precedent, it seems that I’d become a role player. Even more unexpectedly, I was enjoying the experience and going back for more, and I’ve no idea why.

I’ve no idea how long this phase will last, or how far I’ll pursue it, if indeed I do, but until then, I’ve just one thing to say…

“watch out zombies: I’m coming for you!”

s. x

I got bloodshot eyes, and there’s blood in my teeth
I got a ripped up jacket and a friend who’s a thief
Well I’m a frothin’ at the mouth, tryna pull it out
But the fire inside keeps burning, burning out
Jamie T – Zombie

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