Towering folly

I’ve always fancied the idea of having an olde worlde stone-built tower on my land, although I’ve never really managed to get around to doing anything about it. A few years back, before I acquired my current parcel of land, I did build myself an old stone watermill which incorporated a turreted gatehouse, but there’s only so much realistically, that you can do with prims, and it was never quite the romantic, rustic folly I intended.

Folly is probably the right word for what I was looking for: I didn’t want, or need, a full blown castle, but I did want something whimsical that made a statement, without being too pretentious. It’s never been at the top of my shopping list though, and although I have come across the occasional candidate, it was either not quite the look I wanted, too expensive, too heavy an impact on the land, or frequently just too massive a structure for my cosy little piece of land.

Then, yesterday, I stumbled across the perfect fit at a yard sale. It was a very reasonable price, the style I wanted, and best of all, it was exactly the dinky size that would fit brilliantly into the space I had – only 17 land impact too. Having found the object of my desires inworld, a cheeky search of the Marketplace turned up an even cheaper resale…  Never before have I made a purchase quite so quickly!

It was only when I returned home and unpacked it that I realised what a prize noob I’d been!

I’ve always questioned the mental capacities of anyone who requires any sort of warning along the lines of ‘objects in the rear view mirror may be closer than they seem’ , but on this occasion I could really have done with a similar prompt… ‘objects displayed in stores may appear smaller than they are!’ It never occurred to me that the display version in the store may have been shrunk down to fit; but boy did that realisation dawn rapidly when I opened the box to rez it. The resulting 50 foot structure was certainly nowhere near 17 LI,more like 117! Oops.

No worries though, I could just do what that enterprising store owner had done, and shrink the massive structure down to a more manageable size. That’s when I discovered that mesh, when combined with non-mesh parts, can misbehave in spectacular fashion! After managing to unlink pretty much every single piece and then unsuccessfully tring to repair the damage I’d wrought, it became abundantly clear to me that whoever had managed to miniaturise the one I’d seen in the store was a lot more adept at it than I am. After much messing about, all I’d managed to achieve was a broken, messed up pile of tower parts with a higher land impact than when I’d started!

Eventually, after much fiddling, repositioning, relinking and cursing, I managed to repair the damage I’d caused – or at least, reduce it to a tolerable level – which is great, but it does mean that I’m right back at square one, facing the prospect of either living with a massive structure that takes up way too much of my primmage, or having another bash at shrinking down this no-copy nightmare to a reasonable size.

Guess what I did?

Yep – I’m not one to be beaten, so I had another bash at it, and this time… Success! Yay!

So, I’ve finally realised my dream of having a romantic stone tower keeping majestic watch over my land, and I’ve learned a thing or two in the process. Firstly, I can still be a total noob when it comes to some things; secondly, doing things in SL is rarely as straightforward as you might think; and finally, sometimes breaking things is the best way to learn. If nothing else, I’ve now worked out how to make my tower as small – or as big – as I want it, so as my fortunes change inworld, at least I can take my tower with me, no matter how much, or little land I may possess.

That’s rather a happy thought 🙂

s. x

“What beauty there is in interrupted towers, which continue in dream and which we all complete within ourselves!”
(Georges Rodenbach, The Bells of Bruges)

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