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There are some things about SL that I’ll never understand; similarly, there are some things about human nature that leave me baffled. Put the two together, and you have the potential for some proper confusement, like for example, the utterly … Continue reading

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Good old fashioned fun

A recent evening inworld was a little, shall we say ‘surreal’. Surreal in the sense that, had it been possible to behave in the same manner in RL, arrests would certainly have been made. Thankfully, this was not RL and … Continue reading

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I remember when this was all green fields…

I’m beginning to think that I’ve been around SL too long: More and more frequently, I find myself reminiscing about the good old days inworld, much like I’ve heard many of my older friends, whose time in the virtual world … Continue reading

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I’m sorry Dave

Somebody famous died this week in, their nineties; somebody who influenced the way we interpret the world around us and whom most of us can quote without even thinking about it. And it wasn’t Stan Lee. This person, who passed … Continue reading

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I think maybe I owe an apology – not to anybody in particular, but maybe to the virtual world in general. It’s an apology for over-simplifying certain aspects of virtual life, and lumping a whole range of behaviours and pursuits … Continue reading

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And you think tier is high?

I’ve been hearing about Decentraland for some time now, and for the most part, I haven’t really taken much notice developments, however recently I came across a mainstream video news article featuring this new virtual world, and it made for … Continue reading

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You’d be home by now

Have you ever seen one of those signs at the side of the road, usually situated on a new housing development, subtly appealing to the commuter stuck in a traffic queue for the fifth time that week… “If you lived … Continue reading

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