Don’t go changing

If there’s one thing that really gets on my nerves, it’s political correctness, and unfortunately the PC Brigade are so belligerent when it comes to getting on their soapboxes that very little these days doesn’t at some time or other fall within the PC remit. It can feel sometimes that no matter what the topic, we have to bite our tongue and avoid saying what we really think for fear of offending somebody. We can’t wear ethnically influenced clothes or hairstyles for fear of being accused of ‘cultural appropriation’, and what used to be considered perfectly acceptable humour is now a surefire way to fall out of favour with the overly protective and super sensitive.

That’s how we end up with idiot scandals where quoting Churchill condemns us to being racist and Christopher Columbus is vilified, simply for acting like anybody else of his time would have acted. Even historical fact, it seems, isn’t immune from being tarred with the PC brush, and we’re fast becoming a world where we’ll happily rewrite history, or conveniently sweep its more distasteful moments under the carpet, just because they don’t fit in with our current – and likely just as distasteful to our descendents some time in the future – world view. It won’t be all that long before Orwell’s Ministry of Truth becomes reality, mark my words!

What really irks me though is the way in which influential groups and organisations fall into the trap of toeing the party line and bowing to perceived popular opinion in order to institutionalise politically correct ways of thinking. That is, rather than allow us to make our own minds up about such things, we’re forced into a corporate, narrow-minded way of thinking what somebody else is dictating. It’s effectively attempted brainwashing, without any real attempt to disguise it as anything less.

One notable example of this approach to force feeding us political correctness is the recent regeneration of Doctor Who into a woman. Now, I’m all for women’s rights, breaking through the glass ceiling and equality, and all that, but some things simply don’t need to be changed, particularly if it’s a cynical move by a massively influential public corporation to show off just how politically correct it can be. I grew up with Doctor Who – it’s been one of the constants throughout my whole life, for a long as I can remember… And Doctor Who has always been, and will always be a man! His sex isn’t dictated by popular opinion, political agenda or the current flavour of the day: He is a bloke, plain and simple, and to make him otherwise – especially just to earn Brownie points, because Auntie Beeb wouldn’t have done it for any other reason – is wrong, and a little bit insane.

I resent the BBC taking an icon that people have grown up with and turning it into a tool to hammer home a message that I don’t subscribe to, and which – knowing the BBC – neither do they really, either. In fact, I’m confidently waiting for the scandal to break when we find out that Jodie Whatshername is being paid less than any of the male doctors that went before her.

You have to admit, that despite its many faults, Linden Lab goes the right away about letting SL residents live their virtual lives without imposing any sort of PC or other agenda upon us. This is an adult and grown up way of doing things, implying acceptance that not all people share the same sensibilities, and that we should be allowed to express ourselves and live in a way that we choose, even if that may sometimes be offensive to others. The other side of the deal, of course, is that we are also expected to behave in an adult fashion: Exhibiting tolerance and respect for those whose lifestyle choices may not gel nicely with ours, and ensuring that where we may cause offence to others, we moderate our behaviours accordingly.

Considering just how diverse and  at times, outrageous, SL can be, the whole thing works amazingly well  I won’t deny that sometimes things do go awry, but most of the time  the Lab’s hands off approach works very well. We don’t need to be told how to act, or react; we are rational, sentient beings who are more than capable of getting on with our lives within a complex social structure. Sure, sometimes others will offend us, but we have a multitude of ways in which we can respond: Take it on the chin and move on; give as good as we get; ignore; mute; humour; punch in the nose… And many more besides. But the last thing we want is for the Lindens to wade in, all heavy handed, and start dictating to us their own version of right and wrong.

We may be stuck with it in RL, please don’t ever let us have to suffer it in SL too!

s. x

I smoke weed, eat pussy all the time
Straight, bi or gay, they all stand in line
It doesn’t really matter, I don’t know what to say
They got a thing for my ass and I’m here to play
Ängie – Smoke Weed Eat Pussy

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