It’s not all about the virus

I received an email at the weekend from a friend, it started with the words “I’m very afraid. Do you think mankind will survive this?”

I won’t go into my response in detail, but I’ll summarise very briefly. Much as I usually subscribe to the Douglas Adams view that the one thing you really can’t afford to have is a sense of perspective, I’ll break my rule on this occasion, because amongst all the hype, hysteria and madness, we really do need to understand the perspective.

I trust figures more than I trust people. And the figures paint a very different picture to what most people seem to believe. As of this moment in time:

  • Globally, 0.009% of the population have been confirmed to have Covid 19 (1% in the UK)
  • Globally, 0.0004% of the population has died while confirmed to have Covid 19 (0.002% in the UK)

Those are teeny weeny numbers. You are many hundreds of times more likely to die from a toilet-related injury than from Covid 19, and the odds of winning the UK lottery are ridiculously high compared to that of popping your clogs as a result of the virus. Facts+figures=A proper perspective.

We also need to understand how those figures are calculated. Unlike, for example, deaths from influenza, which only include deaths directly attributable to the ‘flu, any death where Covid 19 has been diagnosed is counted – many, many thousands of those people would have died, or were at significant risk of dying if they contracted pretty much any disease, whether or not the virus was present. Of course, those in at-risk groups, should take precautions, but the real risk is only slightly elevated above the norm when you look at the facts.

You may choose to disbelieve me, and if you’re one of those knobheads stockpiling bog roll, that’s what I’d expect; but at least be informed and don’t be afraid that mankind isn’t going to survive – we’re way too obnoxious not to.

Anyway, I personally don’t think that everything about Corona is necessarily bad…

Alt. life: It’s Not All About The Virus

s. x

Oh, life is bigger
It’s bigger
Than you and you are not me
Puddles Pity Party – Losing My Religion

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