To sleep…

Here’s another short offering derived from a writing group prompt. I do find myself dwelling on the darker side of the human psyche when writing about anything other than SL – if you’ve ever had cause to while away a couple of hours immersed in some of the other sections of this blog, (I recommend it – well, I would, wouldn’t I?), that’s something you’d be well aware of; but, I guess it’s because there are some darker depths to my mind that I tend to plumb, once the creative juices start oozing.

Now that I come to think about it, although I have a pretty positive outlook inworld, I’m sure most of my friends would say that the sparkles and fluffiness only barely manage to disguise a disturbing, and somewhat terrifying, undertone to my character.

I don’t necessarily think that’s a bad thing!

Read on… Alt. life: The Fear Factory.

s. x

In day dreams
In dark dreams
In dreamsleep
Attrition – Dreamsleep

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