New at Neon Dreamz

As promised, I’m unleashing a new crop of fun neon emojis to brighten up your SLife and express your inner self! With bright new smileys starting at L$150 and a range of alternative designs too, including everybody’s favourite… Happy Poop! All are click to resize, and will look great in any setting. Grab them on Marketplace, or you can also head to the HHI mainstore if you want to check them out inworld first.

Or, if poop and robots doesn’t grab you, then who can resist the allure of unicorns?

Bright white ones, pink ones, rainbow ones – you know you want them! Or how about my new heart-themed designs: Heartstring and Heart-throb? Both can be displayed on their own, or combine them to show your love for your puppy or kitty, or maybe to frame a picture of your loved one?


s. x

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1 Response to New at Neon Dreamz

  1. Moon Inworld says:

    You’ve gotten great at making neon. Will have to decide which one I’m getting next.

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