Alt. life: The Shadow on the Ceiling

Right now, I’m toying with the idea of refurbishing the blog. Way back when this all first started, some 11 years and 4 days, and – according to some rough and ready calculations – over a million words ago, I had lots of ideas about where I wanted this thing to go. Some of those ideas worked out really well, others… Let’s just say there are some pages that haven’t seen any sort of update for several years!

So, I’m thinking about streamlining, rationalising or maybe just archiving-off some content, or perhaps I’ll just leave things as they are. It’s all a bit like my land inworld: Some of it has remained unchanged for years, and very occasionally I’ll feel the urge to make changes, which rarely turn out anything like I planned and tend to leave me feeling nonplussed and unimpressed with my efforts. So sometimes, I think, unless one has to, that things are better left as they are.

One part of the blog that has seen lots of updates – although only sporadically and hardly with any regularly – is my Alt. life: pages. This is where you’ll find me exploring writing beyond the confines of Second Life, mostly short stories and flash-fiction, and often with a darker side compared with the fun and fluffy stuff I tend to write about SL. It appears that I haven’t updated Alt. life for over a year – which came as something of a shock to me – time flies, when you’re having fun, clearly!

So, I reckon it’s time to put that right, and maybe also to start posting more regularly to that section of the blog, perhaps on a monthly basis? And I’m starting today!

Today’s offering is a piece I wrote fairly recently, which I submitted for publication to an anthology of short stories. It was rejected, for a number of reasons, but even so, I like it and I also think it’s good enough for sharing with a wider audience, so here goes nothing!

By the way, if you like what you read, there’s 11 year’s worth of similar stuff in the Alt. life: Archive, and if you’re a real sucker for punishment, I have longer stories and compilations of stories that were serialised in the main blog pages over in The Library… So, if you’ve not done so before and have some time to kill, fee free to explore!

Before you do though, check out Alt. life: The Shadow on the Ceiling

s. x

Don’t look now
It might be there
Oh don’t look now
It’s over the somewhere

The Enid – Something Wicked This Way Comes

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