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Horror vacui

Things have been very quiet just lately on my home sim – the past year has seen a considerable amount of upheaval for both the land and the occupants, for a variety of reasons, with land changing hands, extensive remodelling … Continue reading

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Alt. life: From our correspondent

Here’s another short that came out of a prompt from the writing group I’m a member of. It was one of those prompts that I found singularly uninspiring, and consequently – as I occasionally do, when faced with a challenge … Continue reading

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Look who’s come to visit

Bot or not? That’s a question I’ve found myself asking frequently, especially just recently, after a friend introduced me to one of Firestorm’s lesser-known settings, which produces a chat notification whenever an agent enters or leaves the Region. I suppose … Continue reading

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Gone walkabout

From time to time, I’m pretty sure that every one of us has had the urge just to take off, shun the constraints of everyday life, and ‘find’ ourselves. Most of us probably lack the wherewithall, resources and opportunity to … Continue reading

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