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One of those days

Ever had one of those days that just doesn’t want to play ball? You know what I’m talking about, not exactly the end of the world, nothing too extreme or life-changing, but just a whole pile of annoyances that somehow … Continue reading

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Alt. life: Aardvark

Words, and language, fascinate me. Long time readers of this blog will probably have an inkling of that, since I’ll often play with both in my posts. I tend to wobble between being a grammar pedant and language anarchist – … Continue reading

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Hive mind

Gloria was one of those creative people, you know the sort. She’d be the one staring out of the window, lost in her own thoughts, when she should have been working; her notepad was covered in more doodles than notes, … Continue reading

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Is this the real life?

The world is becoming increasingly confused, I’m convinced of it! Somebody recently sent me an email in relation to a meeting that had been cancelled, saying that she’ll catch up with me sometime in ‘real life’. However, this wasn’t an … Continue reading

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