My life is a pretty well-ordered affair, most of the time, but like many of us, there are times when circumstances are such that things can get a little messy and confused. If ever there was a time that organisational skills should come to the fore, it’s when things are busy, time is short, or I’m juggling priorities, but sometimes the less pressing matters get put to one side or are simply put off until some time in the future, and it’s then that I can find myself storing up hassles for later that I’d normally not have to contend with.

That’s when I end up running out of clean dishes, find myself getting irritated with floors that need a good cleaning, surfaces accumulating dust and my to-do list creeps into double figures.

Unfortunately, escaping to SL just occupies more of that valuable time when I should be otherwise gainfully employed with a stack of unfinished or yet-to-be-started real world tasks. However, that doesn’t stop me logging in! Sadly, SL itself is not immune to the curse of disorganisation either, and there are occasions – thankfully they don’t arise too frequently – when I have to stop, take stock, and basically sort out my virtual life, before it becomes one huge, virtual mess.

I’m rapidly reaching that crisis point at the moment…

The last time this happened, it was my inventory that needed a good old shake-down. It’s a pretty organised beast, usually. Well-ordered folders, everything in it’s place, sorted neatly and properly classified. I even have a ‘temporary’ folder, into which my random winnings, purchases and other miscellaneia that I seem to have an astounding capacity to accrue whilst travelling the Grid are dropped until I can take a closer look at them. Even this folder is broken into a number of sub-sections: Clothing, vehicles, landscaping etc. And items languish in there until I have the opportunity to try them out before deciding whether they are keepers, at which point they get moved to their forever home in my inventory.

All of that is contingent on me being disciplined enough to deal with new acquisitions as they come my way, and finding the time and opportunity to then sort them out. This has not been happening for a while. It doesn’t help that Halloween, with Christmas coming hard on its heels, has generated a slew of gifts, freebies and other bits and pieces to clog up the available space, and I’ve looked at virtually none of them since they arrived there. To make matters worse, I’ve been creating a range of new bits and pieces to get onto Marketplace, whilst – at the same time – trialling, tweaking and customising them inworld on my parcel, resulting in a pile of different versions of the same items, none of which have any rhyme or reason to them, and again, none of them are where they should be in my inventory, (neither are any of them anywhere near being prepped to go on sale yet).

The end result of this disorganised chaos is an inventory split into three component parts: The neat and tidy structured section, the pile of carefully organised ‘temporary’ items that I’ve yet to make any sense of, and the nightmarish morass of unsorted, disorganised mayhem that is left over. The only solution, as I have learned from previous excursions down this particular avenue, is to lock myself away in the equivalent of virtual isolation and spend tedious hours identifying, evaluating, classifying and sorting the mess, until – once again – I can bear to look at my inventory. That’s not a prospect I’m looking forward to .

There’s more: My inworld factory space is a complete mess too. I must have in the region of a couple of hundred prims worth of projects and creations, all in varying states of completion, just cluttering up the place. Again, it’s more time and effort, of the most mundane kind; but necessary if sanity is to be preserved. And, let’s not forget all that stuff I need to get onto Marketplace, along with the commensurate, mind-numbingly dull process of creating product images, descriptions and all the rest of the necessary and irritating activities that go along with actually getting something into the store.

I reckon there’s a good day’s worth of work that needs to be done, just to get back onto an even keel, and if the truth be known, I’d much rather be having fun, but I guess that’s just how it is. I can’t have it both ways – I can either not have stuff and never make anything, which would be tidy but boring; or I have to knuckle down and sort out the mess: Tedious, but ultimately satisfying. I could, of course, do the sensible thing and tidy up as a I go along, but somehow, as with all the best intentions, that always starts well, but over time life gets in the way, and I end up having to deal with a mess.

Ah well, I think I know what I’m going to be doing over Christmas!

s. x

It’s getting faster, moving faster now
It’s getting out of hand

Joy Division – Disorder

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