New From Neon Dreamz

You know how it is when you suddenly have what you think is a good idea, and it takes over all your spare time in a fever of activity to the exclusion of everything else? No? Just me then!

Well, I had a daft idea for a new range of signs, and for the last few days I’ve found myself unexpectedly motivated to spend hours on end inworld, putting together a brand new collection.

Do you have problems with zombies, ghosts, vampires, noobs, drama queens, mutants, aliens or, erm… unicorns? Well, health & safely considerations mean that you really should be taking measures to prevent nasty incidents, accidents, near-misses and possible transitioning to the ranks of the undead! One of the simplest ways you can achieve this, is through strategically-placed signage.

Or, alternatively, if you’re looking for something cool to go on the wall of your home, store or club – might I suggest you could do a lot worse than some of the fab new offerings from Neon Dreamz?

All the new signs are low impact – between 1 and 3LI, copiable and resizable with a click. L$250 each – the cost of half a cheap espresso! Bargain!

And, there’s more to come next week – watch this space!

s. x

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1 Response to New From Neon Dreamz

  1. Moon Inworld says:

    I love the new signs! Amusing, and very well done.

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