NEW! – From Haven Heavy Industries

My obsession with Japan continues unabated! And today sees the launch of a new range of Japan-themed items, ranging from street furniture, to signage and wall art: The HHI Tokyo Collection!

Most of the new collection is inspired by the everyday sights of Tokyo, and those that are common around other locations around Japan, along with everyday items typical of the country and culture.

Today’s launch sees 18 brand new products, but there will be more to follow in the future, and I’m hoping to eventually have a range that will include items to appeal to every taste, whether or not you share my obsession with the Land of the Rising Sun!

Shown below, is my Nonbei Yokocho sign, which is based on the real life signage that can be found at the entrance to ‘Drunkard’s Alley’, not far from Shibuya station in Tokyo, but there’s plenty more to discover on Marketplace… And please keep checking back, because the collection will definitely be growing over the coming months!

s. x

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