New from Neon Dreamz

Halloween is coming! A bumper time for creators and stores, who’ll be churning out bucketloads of new themed goodies ready for this, somewhat bizarre and dubious (in my mind, at least) celebration, which is fully embraced by the SL community and generates massive revenue. So – of course – ever willing to neglect jumping on the bandwagon, there’s nothing new coming from me this year for Halloween!

There’s already a pile of stuff in the Neon Dreamz Marketplace Store for Halloween anyway – no need for additional items. Just search under any likely keyword – skeleton, ghost, pumpkin, and so on – and you’ll find it; but, that’s not what I’m here to shout about today!

Introducing the Neon Dreamz Crosswalk collection! A set of 10 different animated signal lights, based on the design of American crosswalk pedestrian signals, plus a new addition to my Tokyo Collection. Perfectly suited for urban and city environments, club and business use, and general home and parcel decor, these light fittings also come with a modifiable mounting bracket, but are equally at home wall-mounted, or just artistically arranged on the floor!

Each signal is 4LI (Tokyo signal – 5LI), even at maximum size; click to resize and copiable, and 2 fatpacks – traffic and club – are available.

s. x.

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2 Responses to New from Neon Dreamz

  1. Moon Inworld says:

    These are really cool. They don’t increase in li/prims even at max size and retain their high quality. Thumbs up from me!

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