Alt. life:

What’s going on here then?

Good question… I’m afraid I’ve never been altogether sure! Broadly speaking, I’m not one for standing still and change isn’t something that particularly bothers me – consequently I feel that my blog should reflect that and be capable of accommodating a degree of diversity and change.

This page is an attempt to capture that feeling. It’s very much experimental and isn’t terribly structured or formulaic I’m afraid – think of it as a sort of scrapbook. You will find it a little grubby and unwashed behind the ears at times.

What goes here? – Stuff that doesn’t fit so easily within the main bloggage… writing that’s unrelated to sl or, for that matter, rl – perhaps a touch of rampant fiction.  Short stories, maybe even just random notes intended to provoke the imagination – often a little more edgy or darker than what you might be used to from the everyday sweet and innocent me. 

The truth is, this is an unstructured and evolving space that will change on a whim, and if you like it, hate it or want to add your own critique, thoughts or observations, please feel free.

Only the most recent addition will feature on this page. To see previous works, please visit the Alt. life: Archive page.

Seren. x

altlife12th April 2018

Welcome to the circus
The greatest show on earth
At least that’s what they tell you
From the moment of your birth
It’s full of fun, and everyone
Can make it big one day
Just do your stuff, it’ll be enough
And do it all your way
But it’s not like that
You quickly find
That life is one hard game
It’s not quite the deal
They say it is
It’s full of trials and pain
The more you give
The less you get
Despite your efforts, and
If you do succeed
It’ll cost you dear
It never goes as planned
They’ll tax you blind
And never mind
The hard work you’ve put in
And every hour of every day
Is a nail in your coffin
Maybe you’ll find success
Fortune and fame
Or prowess in sports and games
But fame also demands a price
Even from household names
And every day along the way
Is another step nearer death
Eternal rest? Well, we can do our best
As we draw our final breath
But even then we just don’t know
What the afterlife may be
And it just won’t be how we hoped
We would spend eternity
Singing hymns and playing harps
Isn’t a lot of fun
And eternal torment
In the depths of hell
Can be a pain in the bum
Or maybe you hope for seventy maids
And an afterlife of joy
But too much sex is bound to chafe
Even the fittest boy
And if nirvana’s your deal
Then there’s little appeal
In coming back as a fly
And going through life
All over again
Rinse, repeat, and then die
And that’s all there is
I’m sorry to say
That nothing will ever suffice
Be it life before death
Or after you’ve gone
I can’t offer any sage advice
Other than keep your head down
And grin and bear all the crap
And simply accept
that once you’ve been born
I’m sorry… There’s no going back!


One Response to Alt. life:

  1. hahaha made me laugh….

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