Alt. life:

What’s going on here then?

Good question… i’m afraid i’m not altogether sure! Broadly speaking, i’m not one for standing still and change isn’t something that particularly bothers me – consequently i feel that my blog should reflect that and be capable of accommodating a degree of diversity and change.

This page is an attempt to capture that feeling. i’m not sure how it will develop or work out – it’s experimental and won’t be terribly structured or formulaic, i’m afraid – think of it as a sort of scrapbook.

What will go here? – Stuff that doesn’t fit so easily within the main bloggage… i’m starting to feel an urge to branch out, maybe do some writing that’s unrelated to sl or, for that matter, rl – perhaps a touch of rampant fiction?  Short stories, maybe even just random notes intended to provoke the imagination – i’m not sure… maybe, in parts, a little more edgy or darker than what i’ve done up to now, and more than likely, bearing little relation to me, you or sl.

The truth is, i don’t know what will happen here, or even how or when it’ll occur – i can only say ‘watch this space’, and if you like it, hate it or want to add your own critique, thoughts or observations, please feel free.

Only the most recent addition will feature on this page. To see previous works, please visit the Alt. life: Archive page.

Seren. x


15th December 2016

Checkout Blues

When things just ain’t right, and you’re feeling uptight
There’s no solace I can offer that will help
When your love life’s gone to hell, and you really might as well
Become resigned to sitting on the shelf
When you’ve nothing left to lose, then it’s time to sing the blues
‘Cos everything is trouble and much strife:
You’re an unknown item in the bagging area of life.

When your dog has upped and died,
Your hard disk failed and fried,
When your wife runs off with a guy who was your mate,
And you sit there at the bar, with your whisky in a jar,
Cos life just really ain’t so damn great
And your worries keep on growing
Cos there’s nothing worse than knowing
That every day is gonna bring more stress
You’ve got way more than just five items or less

And things just keep dragging on
You lost your job; your friends are gone
And there’s no happy end to see on the horizon
You lost your home – no mortgage paid, and I’m very much afraid
That the light at the tunnel’s end ain’t sun rising
There’s no money left to spend, and it feels like it’s the end
It’s really not in any way surprising
It’s no wonder you’re dejected…
When you try to pay your way:
I’m sorry but your card has been rejected

It really is so bad that you decide to make the sad
And solemn choice to end it all, and so you say
Lets get it over soon – and, if you’re going to meet your doom
You’d prefer it not to be the painful way
Something quick and neat, that’ll be right up your street
Without a lot of fuss and preparation
But despite your best endeavor,
you won’t be leaving here forever
Even now, it seems fate isn’t on your side
You’re scuppered at the last and you will not make it past
The post, to take your final ride.

The blues once more have claimed the day,
and all your plans opposed
Because, I’m sorry, you can’t pay –
this checkout is now closed.



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