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Search me?

Ihave an enquiring mind, and because I do, I spend a great deal of my time investigating, probing, questioning and exploring, using whatever helpful tools may be at my disposal. I can often be found punishing multiple internet search engines … Continue reading

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Generation X

Aging is a funny old thing. As a youngster, we want to be grown-up, and look foward to being older and knowing more about the world; birthdays are fun and occasions to be looked foward to and celebrated, and it … Continue reading

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Awise accountant once told me that we pay for those things that we value. If we see no value in something, or perceive something as overpriced, we’ll pass on by. This is something that Linden Lab really need to appreciate, … Continue reading

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Could do better

I’ve always liked people who have a ‘can do’ attititude, I consider myself to fall into that category – where others might see difficulties and obstacles, I tend to see opportunities and alternatives. ‘Can do’ people are great to have … Continue reading

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New at Neon Dreamz

Neon signs are great – nobody can deny that, but there are other light-up, flashy, fantastic eye-candy thingies too, and over the past couple of months I’ve been experimenting, fiddling about, and generally looking at diversifying my product range beyond … Continue reading

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Easter Eggs

Much as I enjoy a bit of chocolate indulgence, one can have too much of a good thing, and I try my best not to go too overboard on Easter goodies at this time of year, even though every shop … Continue reading

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New at Neon Dreamz

Last week, I promised you more new signs, and because I always try to keep my promises, here they come! There’s only two this week, but I’ll give you advance notice there are some new upcoming items in the pipeline … Continue reading

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A Haiku: The Man With The Bicycle

Tangled in his spokesA man lies dead in the streetMurdered by Putin s. x

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New From Neon Dreamz

You know how it is when you suddenly have what you think is a good idea, and it takes over all your spare time in a fever of activity to the exclusion of everything else? No? Just me then! Well, … Continue reading

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Out of sync

It’s that weird time of year inworld when, for people like myself who don’t happen to reside within the boundaries of the 50 states, the reality that SL is an American-centric product hits home hard. Now, I’m not into bashing … Continue reading

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