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Back in the good ol’ days, when I was young, fit and a lot healthier than I am now, I was an exponent of the martial art of judo. Actually, I was pretty good at it, teaching at my own … Continue reading

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I’m no pushover!

There are a great many things to like about shopping inworld: The ability to peruse the contents of a whole shop, without the need to walk around; freebies, gifts and lucky chairs; no messing about with fiddly loose change. However, … Continue reading

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It’s probably a little bit early to start getting too excited about the prospect of Spring, particularly since the weather has been decidedly murky and unSpringful around these parts. It seems to have been hurricane season for the past few … Continue reading

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New from Neon Dreamz

Just squeezing this in before the celebrations start! Happy New Year from Neon Dreamz! Great for parties, celebrations, clubs, or simply something to stare at as you count down the seconds remaining for 2022! Animated ‘2023’, with an animated fireworks … Continue reading

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Back to the future

Time flies when you’re having fun – for those of us in the real world, ‘fun’ is one of those things that we used to have in the good old days: before the pandemic, escalating warmongering, and rampant inflation and … Continue reading

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There is an obscure and little known backroom department, tucked away behind some old filing cabinets, in a dusty store room, somewhere in the bowels of Linden Lab. A dirty plastic nameplate adorns a large part of the door through … Continue reading

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Winter Nowhere Land

It’s that time of the year when it seems that the whole of the Grid becomes blanketed in pixel snowdrifts, populated by animated elves and non-stop renditions of “Ho, ho, ho… Merry Christmas” from any article you happen to click. … Continue reading

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New at Haven Heavy Industries

It always seemed to me that The Hitchhikers’ Guide To The Galaxy is one of those things that is so suited to something like SL that it’s a complete no-brainer. And yet, there seems to be very little in terms … Continue reading

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Alt. life: Eventually!

Oh dear! I’m not very good at sticking to my plans. A couple of years ago I said the fatal words to myself, ‘I really must do better’, and in this case, it was in relation my Alt. life: page … Continue reading

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Christmas is coming

And suddenly, it’s December? And, as usual, with no more paydays before the big day, and absolutely nothing prepared, I’m completely disorganised – an omnishambles of festive failure! It’ll all work out in the end, I’m sure. It usually does! … Continue reading

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