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Back to the future

Time flies when you’re having fun – for those of us in the real world, ‘fun’ is one of those things that we used to have in the good old days: before the pandemic, escalating warmongering, and rampant inflation and … Continue reading

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There is an obscure and little known backroom department, tucked away behind some old filing cabinets, in a dusty store room, somewhere in the bowels of Linden Lab. A dirty plastic nameplate adorns a large part of the door through … Continue reading

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Text Maniacs

Much as I like to focus on the positives of SL, I can’t really ignore the fact that it has its downsides too, and when I do find myself considering those less-than-perfect aspects of the virtual world, I realise that … Continue reading

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You have been diverted

I’ve been around SL for a while now, and whilst it’s true to say that the virtual world has changed enormously over the years from a technical, performance, and capability perspective, the SL userbase – residents, to me and you … Continue reading

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It’s taken me a little while to get around to writing this post, mainly because I wanted to avoid firing something off in the heat of the moment, rather than first allowing myself to go off the boil and writing … Continue reading

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The cost of SLiving

Oh dear, just when you were thinking that life may be getting tougher than ever in the real world, at least we can escape the worst of it in SL, Linden Lab drop the bombshell that they are now going … Continue reading

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It was only just in my last post that I refused to try and predict what might happen for SL in 2022, but if I had attempted to do so, I would never in a million years have predicted yesterday’s … Continue reading

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That’s a wrap!

We’ve come to that time of the year when I traditionally review whether or not my predictions for the last 12 months for SL were accurate, and it’s also when I take a punt at guessing what we can expect … Continue reading

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One of the good guys :(


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Not actual game footage

Linden Lab are notorious for ill-advised marketing campaigns, in which vampires tend to feature heavily, along with videos portraying an unrealistic depiction of SL, where business people can shake hands and the romantically attached can walk off, hand-in-hand into the … Continue reading

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