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Paper ‘plates’

Eating establishments these days are doing their utmost to be trendy, as evidenced by the number of meals you’ll find served up on lumps of wood or quirky, impractical crockery; accompaniments presented in miniature items of cooking utensils, and – … Continue reading

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What’s in a name?

I travel a lot, an awful lot, and I’m frequently puzzled and intrigued by the names of many of the places I pass through. Quakers’ Yard; Devil’s Bridge; Hope; Hobbiton (OK, maybe not that last one!)… Evocative and sometimes perplexing … Continue reading

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Inspire the next

We have new trains around these parts. These are, apparently, an improvement by virtue of being less comfortable, noisier, and less able to fit the station platforms than the trains they are replacing. These new trains are made by Hitachi… … Continue reading

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LP… CD… MP3…???

Those of us of  a certain age will be very familiar with those memes that regularly do the rounds on social media reminding us just how old we are… The ones that go along the lines of: “You remember taping … Continue reading

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Great expectations

Life is full of expectations – it’s one of the things that drives us onwards and motivates us; it is also fertile ground for disappointment and disillusion. Much of our personal endeavour is prompted and sustained by the expectation of … Continue reading

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The coal man cometh…

“But on us both did haggish age steal on. And wore us out of act!” – Yep, going all cultural today and quoting Shakespeare at you – ‘All’s Well That Ends Well’, according to the Bard, but is that really true? Just … Continue reading

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Santa Pause – Part 3

The IM from Valentino she found when she logged in was disconcerting: “Call me. What the hell have you got me into?” She called him. “Look, I can’t explain, you’re just gonna have to see this with your own eyes … Continue reading

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Today: The virtual world… Tomorrow: The universe?

Just when you thought Linden Lab’s intentions for SL lacked ambition, they sneak a choice phrase into an overly-wordy document that few people will ever read, and go from one extreme to another. The document in question is the utterly … Continue reading

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Money tree

Today I saw a money tree in real life! Not a real money tree, obviously – imagine how cool that would be – but a tree that closely resembled that inworld peculiarity that, as a noob, was one of my … Continue reading

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Unexpectedly, for the last three days, I’ve been homeless! Perhaps I should clarify that… I’ve been virtually homeless, since my home sim is apparently – for reasons unknown – unreachable. It’s one of those unfortunate states of affair that occasionally … Continue reading

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