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New from Neon Dreamz

Just squeezing this in before the celebrations start! Happy New Year from Neon Dreamz! Great for parties, celebrations, clubs, or simply something to stare at as you count down the seconds remaining for 2022! Animated ‘2023’, with an animated fireworks … Continue reading

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New at Haven Heavy Industries

It always seemed to me that The Hitchhikers’ Guide To The Galaxy is one of those things that is so suited to something like SL that it’s a complete no-brainer. And yet, there seems to be very little in terms … Continue reading

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Christmas is coming

And suddenly, it’s December? And, as usual, with no more paydays before the big day, and absolutely nothing prepared, I’m completely disorganised – an omnishambles of festive failure! It’ll all work out in the end, I’m sure. It usually does! … Continue reading

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New! From Neon Dreamz

A little while back, I mentioned my new-found interest in breedables, specifically, PlantPets – for which much of the attraction is that it’s not necessary to part with cash to keep them alive and healthy, and you can sell their … Continue reading

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New from Neon Dreamz

Halloween is coming! A bumper time for creators and stores, who’ll be churning out bucketloads of new themed goodies ready for this, somewhat bizarre and dubious (in my mind, at least) celebration, which is fully embraced by the SL community … Continue reading

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NEW! – From Haven Heavy Industries

My obsession with Japan continues unabated! And today sees the launch of a new range of Japan-themed items, ranging from street furniture, to signage and wall art: The HHI Tokyo Collection! Most of the new collection is inspired by the … Continue reading

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New at Neon Dreamz

I know you think I’ve been taking things easy lately, putting my feet up and enjoying the sunshine, whilst leaving the important business of virtual life to take care of itself. Well, I wish that were true, but life in … Continue reading

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Generation X

Aging is a funny old thing. As a youngster, we want to be grown-up, and look foward to being older and knowing more about the world; birthdays are fun and occasions to be looked foward to and celebrated, and it … Continue reading

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New From Neon Dreamz

You know how it is when you suddenly have what you think is a good idea, and it takes over all your spare time in a fever of activity to the exclusion of everything else? No? Just me then! Well, … Continue reading

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New at Neon Dreamz

Show your support – put this on display to show you care. Freebie. s. x

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