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I’m no pushover!

There are a great many things to like about shopping inworld: The ability to peruse the contents of a whole shop, without the need to walk around; freebies, gifts and lucky chairs; no messing about with fiddly loose change. However, … Continue reading

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It’s probably a little bit early to start getting too excited about the prospect of Spring, particularly since the weather has been decidedly murky and unSpringful around these parts. It seems to have been hurricane season for the past few … Continue reading

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There is an obscure and little known backroom department, tucked away behind some old filing cabinets, in a dusty store room, somewhere in the bowels of Linden Lab. A dirty plastic nameplate adorns a large part of the door through … Continue reading

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Winter Nowhere Land

It’s that time of the year when it seems that the whole of the Grid becomes blanketed in pixel snowdrifts, populated by animated elves and non-stop renditions of “Ho, ho, ho… Merry Christmas” from any article you happen to click. … Continue reading

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Just hanging around?

Not all of my time spent inworld is consumed with exploring, building, shopping and dancing, in fact, that probably only accounts for around 70% of what I get up to. The remaining time, you might well assume that I’m rather … Continue reading

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Fur enough?

I’ve always subscribed to the principal that those who own land, businesses and entertainment venues have the right to decide who is permitted access to their property, for whatever reason they choose. However, whether it’s entirely reasonable in every circumstance … Continue reading

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No copy… No thanks!

When I first joined SL, I was fresh-faced, innocent and completely uninformed about the nuances and conventions of virtual life. I was the person who thought it was a great idea to separate shoes and foot-shapers into entirely separate folders, … Continue reading

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A whole new dimension of WTF!

Just when I think that SL has no new surprises in store for me, and that after all these years becoming accustomed to the sort of weirdos and freaks that populate our virtual world, something comes along that has me … Continue reading

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Text Maniacs

Much as I like to focus on the positives of SL, I can’t really ignore the fact that it has its downsides too, and when I do find myself considering those less-than-perfect aspects of the virtual world, I realise that … Continue reading

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You have been diverted

I’ve been around SL for a while now, and whilst it’s true to say that the virtual world has changed enormously over the years from a technical, performance, and capability perspective, the SL userbase – residents, to me and you … Continue reading

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