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Spaced out

There are some ways in which my real world preferences are not mirrored in SL – one such anomaly is the way in which I perceive space. In the real world, I appreciate wide open spaces, uncluttered with the detritus … Continue reading

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Interesting times

‘May you live in interesting times’: The old Chinese curse is a phrase that occasionally finds resonance in my life. I’m not in the habit of insulting Chinese people, as a rule, so I’m not altogether sure why I should … Continue reading

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Blogging Bytes: 12th April 2018

Roll up! Roll up! And be disappointed, dismayed and discontented. All the gloss and the glamour that was promised isn’t quite what we expected, and we’re left out of pocket, out of luck and out of time. But, hey that’s … Continue reading

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LP… CD… MP3…???

Those of us of  a certain age will be very familiar with those memes that regularly do the rounds on social media reminding us just how old we are… The ones that go along the lines of: “You remember taping … Continue reading

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SL is ideally suited to some activities, whilst in other areas it’s probably best avoided. Even though virtuality is going through something of a boom period in terms of possible applications, it’s best to leave those to their own bespoke … Continue reading

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If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck…

It never ceases to surprise me how simple it is to to confuse us poor, easily-bemused human beings. Often, all it takes is to put us into a mildly unfamiliar situation and we’re instantly rendered incapable of drawing logical conclusions … Continue reading

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Cam whore

I’ve always felt that one of the greatest innovations that the internet has given us is the, now pretty much ubiquitous, webcam. I can vividly remember buying my first webcam, back in the days when 240p was considered high end … Continue reading

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I don’t know whether it’s a peculiarly British thing, or whether it’s something that’s becoming more common elsewhere too, but in recent times it seems to me that we’re seeing an increase in the number of official warnings, alerts and … Continue reading

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The long weekend from hell (except hell is supposed to be a damn sight warmer!)

I should warn you, before you go any further, that today’s post is a massive rant, and has nothing to do with SL. However I need catharsis, and writing about my woes provides something of an outlet for me: It … Continue reading

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Silly String

We love to complain about performance – it doesn’t really matter whether we’re talking about our work colleagues’ ability to pull their weight, the fact that our trains are incapable of running on time, our favourite sports team’s ability to … Continue reading

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