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Is that time of year again when invitations have gone out to apply to participate in SL’s birthday celebrations. It’s also that time of year that I invariably fire off my application and start planning and building in anticipation that … Continue reading

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It seems that the fates are rallied against me for SL13B, with almost every attempt I make to go exploring defeated by the machinations of either the real or virtual world. Grabbing an unexpected opportunity to spend some time inworld … Continue reading

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Deja vu

Ever looked forward to going somewhere and then, when you finally get the opportunity, it doesn’t quite live up to expectations? Somewhere new and different, yet you come away with the overwhelming impression that you’ve seen it all before? Maybe … Continue reading

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Birthday blues

So SL13B is up and running, and so far I’ve not done terribly well at getting to grips with it. I missed the opening – I was asleep on the sofa at the time! When I did wake up, I … Continue reading

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SL13But I’m nowhere near ready!

Long time readers of this blog, and those who know me, will be aware that I’m a firm supporter of the annual SL birthday celebrations. Indeed, I’ve been an exhibitor at every event since SL8B, I designed the official Time … Continue reading

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