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It’s not all about the virus

I received an email at the weekend from a friend, it started with the words “I’m very afraid. Do you think mankind will survive this?” I won’t go into my response in detail, but I’ll summarise very briefly. Much as … Continue reading

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Mr Bling

He’s Mr Bling, with his flashy ring And his scripts set oh so high He’s such a drag, as he causes lag Whenever he passes by With his manly chest and wifebeater vest He thinks he’s mega cool But the … Continue reading

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Departures and arrivals

Well, I made it back! It’ll be a little while before I’m back into the swing of things however – once you get out of the habit of writing regularly, it’s surprisingly difficult to get back into the groove, and … Continue reading

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Oh my goth!

You’ve seen them: pale-faces, black lippy and eyeliner, keychains, torn fishnets, velvet jackets and gold buckles. They’ll be hanging out at your local bus station, or monopolising a bench at the park, and their musical taste is eclectic, to say … Continue reading

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Empire building

Would i describe myself as a builder? Probably not. Although i certainly do build in sl – not for profit or for the benefit of others, but principally because it’s something that i enjoy doing and is a process from which … Continue reading

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Us computerish types are, in many ways, a strange breed – that has always been the case – however, for many years, we were always the misunderstood minority. How many of us who consider ourselves to be ‘old-timers’ would ever … Continue reading

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The Oddfather: Antipasti

 Don is ‘made up’ It was a typical Brooklyn Fall afternoon – petrol fumes mingled with the smell of hot dogs, pretzels and onions, carried on the chill gusts that whipped along the alleyways, scattering faded copies of the New … Continue reading

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Update: 22nd May

Just a quickie… to make life a little easier, there’s now an ‘Only in RL’ archive – only the most recent post will appear on the ‘Only in RL’ page, if you get my drift? S. x

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Necessarily intrusive (but a pain in the butt!)

My routine is all out of whack. Regulars will know that i tend to post daily during the week and that i usually take a day or two off at the weekend – this week, i’m out of sync because … Continue reading

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Crossing the (fishing) line

There’s often a very thin line between sanity and madness and sometimes in sl i wonder whether i’ve not only crossed it, but gone so far over that i might never return! Soul Mods last night is a case in … Continue reading

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