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Blogging Bytes: 20 April 2017

It’s been ever so long since I’ve done one of these, but – as the bible says – a dog returns to it’s own vomit, so inevitably I’ve been drawn back to my dark side. Some people wonder where I … Continue reading

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Santa Flaws

Santa swore loudly at the TV, then took a long swig of export lager, draining the can before throwing it on the pile of discarded empties at his feet. Bloody Christmas adverts, what the hell was the world coming too? … Continue reading

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It was a dark, dismal night and with a frown I read the message ‘network is down’ I tried once more without success Just what was wrong was anyone’s guess ‘Unscheduled maintenance’ said the blog Or perhaps the Lindens were … Continue reading

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Charlie had been waiting for the telltale thud on the front door mat all week. Barely able to contain his excitement, he tore downstairs, three at a time, and was at the door in seconds. There, lying amongst the usual … Continue reading

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I don’t generally do Halloween. Of course, as a youngster, I did the whole carving pumpkin thing – actually, that’s not strictly true: We were poor, so we carved swedes instead, (that’s rutabaga, for my Americanish readers – we didn’t … Continue reading

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Blogging Bytes: 14th July

There are plenty of people out there handing out ‘good advice’ for free. The trouble is, it can be difficult to work out what really is good advice, and worth following, because much of it is patently nonsense. The trouble … Continue reading

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You can’t handle the truth!

Well, this has been interesting! After my shocking revelations of yesterday, I received an official communication from the Lab – It was very official, with a proper letterhead and everything, and unlike other letters they’ve sent me, it was typed … Continue reading

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The truth is out there

Today I can bring you an exclusive! Shocking news about the future of SL that will rock all users to their core. I was recently covertly approached, under unusual circumstances, by a renegade Linden who, for reasons that will become … Continue reading

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Blogging Bytes: 14th March

The UK is experiencing something of a biscuit crisis at the moment. Following the recent floods that managed to put the dark satanic wafer mills and great Northern digestive kilns out of action, humanitarian biscuit drops are apparently being flown in … Continue reading

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It is 1825, a pleasant Sunday afternoon that finds you taking a morning constitutional after an enjoyable breakfast. You stop en-route to smell some roses in the park and, quite unexpectedly fall through a cosmic wormhole, to emerge 191 years … Continue reading

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