Lights, Camera… Action!

19th June 2012
Just a quickie that i cobbled together to capture just one of the SL9B exhibits – finding myself at the celebration site with relatively low numbers of visitors and practically no lag, it was an ideal opportunity to take advantage of the moment and have a bit of fun.

This was my first outing using Camtasia Recorder, and i was pretty impressed with the ease of use and the options available – i think it’ll be my tool of choice for future outings, although perhaps when i have the chance to take my time and not struggle with the inevitable jerkiness and difficulties that an event like SL’s birthday presents.

12th September 2011
Sometimes there’s a piece of music that i want to use, yet despite my best efforts, it seems that nobody else in the entire world has an easily accessible copy that i can share with you. This was the case with one instalment of /#: Apocalypse // – there was a piece of music i desperately wanted to accompany the episode but it was nowhere to be found – of course, it might have helped if i knew the title or the artist! There was only one thing for it, make a copy and a quick video slideshow to go with it. Apologies for the poor audio quality and for the rather slapdash nature of the video, but it’s ok for half an hour’s work, i think!

8th July 2011
Every good movie has a spinoff. i did toy with the ideal of ‘Soul Mods II: The Reckoning (This time it’s personal!)’ but, somehow, that didn’t seem quite right. Instead, i decided to give Albion his own blockbuster, (i’ll have a P, please Bob), since he managed to contrive to be absent on both occasions the movie was being filmed!

8th July 2011
Here it is… the trailer for the much touted ‘Soul Mods: The Movie’.

This was my first collaboration, the brainchild of Slate McCleod, who did a sterling job of editing together my footage to produce an end result that feels completely authentic for the Northern Soul era. All credit to Slate, a first class job.

6th March 2011
A little homage to ‘Life on Mars’ , made to celebrate the opening of The Killing Moon as an ad-hoc music venue – a great night was had by all!

16th February 2011
This little project sprang out of a wonderful evening’s dancing at The Killing Moon – it was such an enjoyable evening, it seemed right thing to do to record it for posterity!

10th February 2011
My second attempt at machinima. This was inspired by a chance remark made by someone one night at Soul Mods – i forget what was actually said; something about the early days of sl… which got me thinking. What would sl have looked like in the good old days of steam power and the Empire?

16th August 2010
This is a short extract from my first attempt at machinima – entirely without finesse, or for that matter, any clue about what i was doing, (some would say i haven’t progressed very far since then!). My poor editing is matched only by my equally poor bike handling skills… and i wasn’t even wearing a helmet!

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