The Library

libraryShhhhhh….  Here in the library you’ll find my longer pieces of work – most of which were originally serialised in the main blog. As you turn these pages, you’ll find them presented in their entirety, without breaks, gaps or long waits between instalments. So, if you have half an hour, or perhaps an hour or so, to spare and fancy settling down with a hot cup of tea and plate of biscuits, then you are most welcome to spend a while here perusing the volumes on the library shelves… Just remember to whisper! 




Sweet… but sour.

I seem to have something of an obsession with juxtaposing nice and nasty, and this is a prime example. I’ve wanted to do a ‘CSI’ style story for a while, and the idea for this one just popped into my head – pretty much fully formed – one day, and simply wouldn’t go away!

>>> Custard Creamed


Something of a slowburner… this was originally intended as a one-off Hallowe’en short. Four October 31st’s later and it was finally finished. My first – and if the ridiculously extended timescale is anything to go by – possibly my last foray into steampunkishness.

Think Jules Verne, with a smattering of Havenisms and you’ll know what to expect.

>>> A Most Peculiar Tale

whole life term

“Everybody contemplates killing someone, sometime in their life, and everybody has planned how they’d do it and how they’d make their victim suffer. I’m no different to anybody else.”

He was a cold-hearted, ruthless, indiscriminate killer who made no attempt to cover up his crimes. The police had no witnesses, no suspects and no motive… what they did have, was victims.

Published on the Alt. life pages in a single huge splurge, my first proper attempt at a proper short story. Not for the easily-shocked!

>>> Whole Life Term


i had the urge to write a mafia story, so i did!

This one took on a mind of its own – i think it did what i wanted, even if not quite in the way i expected. Published in 4 consecutive parts.

>>> The Oddfather

The time?: Maybe sooner, perhaps later… but it could be sooner than you think. The place?: Nearer than you could possibly imagine. The victim?: It could be you.

A cybergrunge, dystopic vision of a world that feels all-too-familiar to be fiction. The illegitimate spawn of Big Brother meets Clockwork Orange, where survival is everything and the only certainty is that nothing is certain. Originally published in 11 parts over 9, very long, months.

>>> Skybald

hello stranger They do say to keep your friends close, and your enemies even closer… but how do you know who are your friends, and who might be your enemy? How well do we really know our friends and, for that matter, how well do we know ourselves?

Hello Stranger’ came from the seed of an idea suggested to me by another writer – at the time, i was short on ideas and welcomed the challenge… it proved to be an interesting journey, drawing on personal experiences, inspiration from other authors and films and, ultimately, a deep fear that perhaps many of us share. Originally published in three consecutive parts.

>>>  Hello Stranger

The struggle for life, justice and hope in a post-apocalyptic Second Life, seen through the diary of a survivor who is determined to discover the truth.

 A cyberpunk warrior, living by her wits and a determination to survive; grimly facing the dual horrors of a society in meltdown and an oppressor determined to crush and subdue all who stand in its way. Originally published in 22 instalments, this was an experiment in creating an immersive fictional account – each instalment, presented with images, a thought-provoking quotation and a musical piece, specifically chosen to complement the theme.

>>>  /#: Apocalypse #/


This wasn’t serialised but appeared in its entirety on the Alt. Life: pages. Due to its longer than average wordcount, i’ve included it here too. With its mix of Stephen King and Hammer Horror – together with my own piquant sauce and a nasty twist in the tail, this somewhat disturbing piece drags some of those deep fears we all have, kicking and screaming out into the open. You have been warned!

>>> Des. Res.

 Originally, a two-part short story, set in Second Life and based upon Orwell’s 1984

>>> 2024

Inspired by the television series’ ‘Life on Mars’ and ‘Ashes to Ashes’, a games programmer, Samantha Taylor is mysteriously transported back to the 1980’s, when the Pentium was the last word in computing and you could have a night on the town, a decent meal and still have change from a fiver for the bus home. A time when political correctness was a term yet to be coined and virtual worlds were just a pixellated twinkle in a programmer’s eye. Written in three parts, it’s presented here in its entirety, as a single piece.

>>> Golden Years

A gritty, dark and compelling piece of noir fiction in which the seedy, backstreet world of a small time private investigator hits the bigtime when they involuntarily find themselves tangling with the mob. Originally presented in 16 instalments, we are exposed to a variety of settings and characters, never really knowing who the good guys are. My very first serialised piece.

>>> Straight… No Ice

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