Birthday Memories

Second Life’s 9th birthday celebration was the first that i really took any notice of – prior to SL9B, i’d stayed away from previous celebrations because there was nothing about them that really appealed and rightly, or wrongly – i don’t really know – it felt to me just a little ironic, (i can think of stronger terms), that Linden Lab should be showcasing and celebrating the evolution of sl, whilst for the remaining year it felt very much like they couldn’t give a monkey’s about it!

SL9B was different – LL opted out completely and it was left to the residents to come up with an alternative celebration, around the theme, ‘Community’… surely it was doomed to fail? This was not to be the case, and the sl community showed what an awesome force it can be.

Here are my favourite images from the celebration…

Lost in a purple haze… Ruca Tease.

Kyuu 19

Beneath the Gallerie at Alphalune Creations.

The imposing entrance to Shindig and the Egyptian Stage

I found Nirvana!

It’s a puzzle!

It’s my party, (well, my cake!)

Far from the madding crowd at bad Katz.

A symphony of light and colour.

The Egyptian Stage on the last day of the celebrations.

The Lotus and Cake Stages.

The Cake and Lake Stages.

Sunset over the Lotus Stage.

First class ticket.


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