New at Neon Dreamz

I know you think I’ve been taking things easy lately, putting my feet up and enjoying the sunshine, whilst leaving the important business of virtual life to take care of itself. Well, I wish that were true, but life in both worlds has been rather busy recently, and I’ll have you know, just because things may have been a little quiet on the SL front, I’ve actually been beavering away on all sorts of things inworld, it’s just taken me a while to begin to consolidate my efforts and produce some outcomes.

To begin with, I’ve been pottering about on my Marmalade Skies plot, demolishing the odd building, here and there, and putting up some improvements. That’s very much a work in progress, but it’s coming together nicely and has also necessitated the creation of some shiny new bits and pieces, which will eventually find their way onto Marketplace, in due course.

I’m not the only one in the neighbourhood who’s had the builders in. My exceptional friend and neighbour, Moon, has been completely redesigning the neighbourhood into a veritable cybertopia, which in turn has inspired me to spend even more time in the workshop, coming up with new cyberpunk-inspired creations, many of which you’ll find adorning both my own land, and Moon’s parcel at Lunar Heights.

And, you too can own your own piece of cyber-goodness, by heading over to Neon Dreamz and bagging something new!

I’ve three new animated billboards on sale – think Bladerunner, neo-Tokyo inspired flashiness, designed to make a big impression. At a measly 3LI each, they’re not going to steal all your primmage, and they’re visible up to 1024 metres away, so brilliant for high-rise towers and elevated buildings. With copy permissions, you can have as many as you like too. I’m really pleased with these, and there will be more coming out in the near future, but you really do need to see them in situ to appreciate them, so please do come along to my land at Marmalade Skies, and whilst you’re at it, have a look around at Lunar Heights next door, to see just how good they can look. You’ll find them on Marketplace from today.

What’s that other essential piece of street furniture that no cyberpunk cityscape can do without? Erm… Waste bins! And I have 4 – all with cool illuminated signage and animated icons. Choose from, litter, organic waste, radioactive waste, and – of course – recycling! A steal at just L$175.

Plenty more to come, just give me a little time, and if in the meantime you’re itching to spend your hard-earned lindens, why not check out Moon’s store ‘Moon Bunny’, inworld and on Marketplace? She has a load of cool fun stuff too!

See you soon.

s. x

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2 Responses to New at Neon Dreamz

  1. Moon Brite says:

    Super proud to have Neon Dreamz billboards and other items all around town. I love those billboards! Thank you for those and for everything else too. ❤

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