New! From Haven Heavy Industries

As promised, I’m continuing to add new items to the HHI Tokyo Collection – a host of Japanese-themed creations to enhance your Second Life!

Roadworks, construction sites and health & safety aren’t exactly the first things that spring to mind under the headings ‘cute’ or ‘kawaii’, but the Japanese have a knack for re-imagining their approach to those things that, elsewhere, would be seen in a completely different light. This is reflected in my new range of kawaii construction barriers, based on real life designs that can be routinely seen around many construction sites in Japan.

Yes – believe it or not – cute, kawaii safety barriers really do exist, and you can now have your very own in SL too!

With 6 different designs to choose from, you’re spoiled for choice. Each copiable set is supplied ready made-up, but also with individual scaffold poles and kawaii supports so that you can configure them in any way you wish. Each element is only 0.5LI – meaning (when linked) a complete set of 2 poles and 2 supports is only 2LI. Choose from: Worker, Monkey, Ducky, Froggy, Dolphin and Panda.

Perfect for Japanese, city, and everyday urban settings, building sites, roadworks, industrial complexes, chemical factories, or anywhere else you’d like to spread a little kawaii cuteness!

s. x

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